Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's a big one!

Watch this!

We had a super big rain storm yesterday. After it cleared we went out and took a nice walk. Big storms bring out all kinds of cool new stuff, like downed limbs, puddles to play in, lots of birds going after worms that have risen to the surface. But our favorite thing these storm bring out are the turtles.

So what is it that's got us all riled up this time? A big, big, big turtle, one of the biggest Gracie and I have ever seen. He/she was about 1.5 feet long, at least!

We think he's a Chelydra serpentina, or common snapping turtle...just a bigger version of the ones we found last Spring. We found this handy, dandy turtle identification guide to help us.

He was barreling (well, for a turtle anyway) his way through the small pasture. He was going so fast for a turtle, we thought he may have to look into cheap car insurance, BOL!

Mum was very proud of us. After our barking, screaming fit (in the video), she actually got us focused enough to sit and stay (and be quiet) about 10 feet from the 'guy' so she could go over and take a closer photo. Even Gracie stayed, big moment for her!

He didn't like us very much, completely retracted his legs and head when we came closer. On the way back we found him on the gravel lane leading up from the pastures. He quickly scurried to to the ditch, retracted and hid like a rock, but we knew he was in there!


  1. That do be one pawsome turtle, Johann! I dussn't woof at turtles but I duss like to greet them doggie style with my nose up the you-knows-wot. Fur some reason, turtles dussn't like that furry much and they go inside their houses and lock the doors! And mom tells me I is noggty - go figger.

  2. Were woo two trying to get ovFUR to herd The TN Turtle?

    Great fluffy tail work BTW!


  3. wow! I has never seed a turtle. The best things the rain brings out over here be the frogs. It sounds very interesting!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. That sure is a snapping turtle, but Mommy and I think it is a girl turtle. When snappers are on land like that they are looking for places to lay eggs. Be careful! They bite really really hard and don't let go.

  5. You two could be great alarm systems!!! I have seen one of those turtles before. They're pretty big creatures! I heard that their snaps can really snap a bone like a twig very easily.

  6. I recognize that snapper face, even never having met one in its natural habitat. With all that excitement, that's pretty cool that Mom and you dogs have worked out such a good understanding of what sit stay means! Proud of all three of you. Tika is still sometimes in the "sit stay until you think mom isn't paying attention" stage. At 10. She could learn from all of you.


Thanks for barking in!

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