Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting closer!

We had fun at the trial this past weekend. Three days of glorious agility!

Seems I had some good moments, and some odd ones too. Mum's sure that I don't hurt, but I am still having some jumping issues, so she is still having to really manage my jumps to make sure I take them. You can tell in the vid that it's slowing me down some.

Mum's thinking that since I got hurt at this location and had to take off a few months that I may have built up some kind of fear of jumping there. I'll take the jumps if Mum is close by the jump or sends me to one, but if she's ahead and it's watching me super closely, I will avoid them and run around them. I actually managed to squeeze through about six inches between the jump and Mum on my first run of the weekend. Made Mum's eyes get wide, BOL!

Mum definitely saw some improvement with me taking the jumps more on my own as the weekend progressed. Will be anxious to see what happens at my next trial.

We accumulated 27 points, so only need 20 for my MACH. We have a good chance to get it at my next trial, which we think will be near Atlanta in mid-May. Can't wait! Mum scoped out the trial info for the next possible trial and looks like it's outdoors undercover which will be way more fun for me.

I took Q's in all three JWW runs, but not my speedy self with all that jumping problem stuff. And I got one of my STD Q's with some good points. Had one jump run around in my first STD run and a tunnel bobble on my last STD run, so just little minor things, and didn't get very many points. But that's OK...next time!

Gracie also got to run in the B Match, and we were very proud of her! She was pretty darn focused, that one. She even did her weaves in public, so cool! Mum hasn't been really focusing on the technical stuff with Gracie, so she's bailing her DW occasionally and the teeter, (WHEE!!!), but Mum's not worried, she just wants Gracie to have fun out there and focus!!! :)

The video shows my STD run and Gracie second B Match run.

BTW, Mum ran the entire weekend in her new Five Finger shoes that the nice folks at Appalachian Ourdoors sent us to test out and she was loving it! She says it's easier to do front crosses and run faster, all without hgh supplements, BOL! All three like of us that!

We have made some pawsome friends here and really enjoy seeing them when we trial. We won't be going back to this site, because we have some news to share later in the week. But we sure hope to see them in the Atlanta area in the future!!! Mum also talked at the trial with a trainer in the Atlanta area that Gracie and I may be taking a few lessons from, can't wait for that!

Hope you had a great weekend. And, we have some other big news coming near the end of the week, stay tune!!!


  1. Whoa! That was some jump off of the teeter! Glad you all had fun :)

  2. nice going Johann!. what's your mum using there to keep Grcacie focused? is it a target lid?
    We're gonna try that with Maisie, maybe me too, if I don't stop jumping around and acting a fool. BOL!
    your pal, Morgan

  3. Yeah, Gracie needs some contact tech training, that's for sure. But she's focusing, that's a start, BOL!

    That's Gracie's Yogurt Container lid target, Morgan! We use it everywhere we go, in the pasture for recalls, at trials when hanging out, tricks and all kinds of ways. It's her favorite toy! Mum has her go target and treats on the target...makes a great focus game for her.


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