Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

I get to do my favorite thing this weekend! Wheee...Agility!!!

A little of this...but hoping I come out of the chute a little straighter, oops!

And a little of this...

And a little of this...hoping they have rubberized contacts, 'cause Mum would like me to have all my toes on the board (check out my back toes), oops!

And a little of this...hope they have 24" inch poles...

And hopefully some more of this too!

And I'd love if I get to mix in just a little of this stuff, whee!!!!

The chicken is cooking on the stove, my favorite white cheddar cheese is chillin' in the fridge, my nails are trimmed, fur between the toes trimmed up too, car is gased up, checked into the cheapest auto insurance, (just kidding, we got the bestest coverage :), packing the car later tonight, setting the alarm to get up earlier. Love, love that routine, makes my 'sheltie' spin, BOL!

I am ready for three glorious days of running agility with my Mum! Can't wait!

Thank you to Anthony Mosley of Anthony Mosley Photography, Kathleen Shaffer of; Horace Howell Photography; V.W. Perry; and Ken Siems of PSD Photos for the great photos of me do my thang!


  1. Good luck Johann and Leslie!! Will be excited to hear how it goes - get some MACH points!!!!

  2. You look FABULOUS!!!
    Hey good luck!
    You are too cute!


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