Monday, May 09, 2011


The other day Mum went outside to get something out of the car and look what she saw!!! Guineas!

At first she thought they were wild turkeys, but nope after a closer look and a quick check on the Internet, she confirmed they are Guineas.

Then it was just the next day, she went outside again and saw them. Got a little closer about 15 feet or so and they just waddled away faster from her.

Then a few minutes later we heard this big racket going on in our back yard. They Guineas were very's a quick vid, made us bark like mad I tell ya!

Being green and all we are always looking for ways to naturally get rid of pests and stuff, especially the ticks and chiggers that we encountered in Tennessee. One day when we were picking up some raw chicken necks and backs from the organic farmer, he told us that chickens and guineas were great for picking at and eating the nasty bugs. He suggested that we start raising them on the property to help combat the nasties!

We think that the Guineas that we saw here belong to someone down the road a bit...but it's super great that they come and visit us on our property. And hopefully they are keeping down the tick population on our property too.

Interestingly, model Christie Brinkley worked with researcher David Cameron Duffy in 1992 who confirmed the anecdotal evidence by finding a "highly significant difference in tick presence in response to guinea fowl activity."

Called The Duffy Study, Brinkley is credited along with Duffy and another researcher, Randall Downer, for the work; Duffy says Brinkley, concerned about her young daughter's safety, actually helped initiate the project through her congressman after she heard some of the anecdotal evidence about guineas and tick control.

Cool, huh? I don't know if we are lucky or it's just early in the season, but we are seeing lots less ticks here in Georgia than we did in Tennessee. And they are different types of ticks, ones that are attaching to me, Gracie or Mum. Keeping our paws crossed that it continues!


  1. We had quinea when the kids are younger, and they were great for ticks and Japanese beetles! Can't beat 'em!

    They do make a racket though :)
    Nancy and Stewie JRT

  2. How cool to have guineas in your yard!


Thanks for barking in!

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