Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hiking: Deep Gap - Stanley Gap!

We got in a couple of hikes last week. Our first little formal hike, since we've been here at our new place, was on one of the Aska Trails, part of the Deep Gap-Stanley Gap trail. The Aska Trails are a big network of trails that are within about a 15 minute drive from us.

We got there later in the day so didn't have much time, but we got in a couple of miles. We didn't like this path as much because it was covered in limestone rock, a little hard on the tootsies. Gracie doesn't mind as much as I do, but I have some sensitive toes, so I stayed to the edge of the path where there were less rocks.

Here's Gracie, taking in the scenery!

I got in a nice pose near a little creek we found...looking for varmits :)

We got a nice pic of the trail system at the trail head (below). We're learning that there are a lot of entrance points all around here to this one huge trail system, so there will be lots more to explore.

We decided to take this map and start marking the parts that we hike. You'll see if you bigify that we marked this part in yellow, along with the date. It will be fun to fill it all in over the next few months!

We hiked again on Saturday last weekend, more on that later!

We're getting a few hotter days lately and coming up. The neat part is that when it's in the 90's down in Atlanta, it's at least 5-10 degrees cooler up here on the mountains, gotta love that!

We've got a huge screened in porch on the front of our cabin, with double doors to the living room and have had the doors wide open almost all day. Gracie, Wolfie, Wiggy and I are loving going in and out, in and out all day long :) Pics to come!

Hope you all are having a pawsome week!


  1. Catching up with you Johann, it's been awhile:) From the looks of that map you have a lot of exploring to do,how pawsome!

  2. Sounds like heaven - the hiking and the cabin! I would love to see more photos!

  3. Life looks pretty pawesome!

    Thanks fur sharing those great shots AND the info about the trails!


  4. You is so lucky to has hiking trails so close to you. We has to drive furefur to get to them. We always mark off on maps where we has been too so we can see where all I put my paws - fun!


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