Monday, May 16, 2011

Power...developed or genetic?

So....we've been thinking, lately.

I used to be super fast, and on occasion am still super fast - in agility I mean. Gracie has the tendency to be super fast much more often than not on the agility course.

Over the years with all my injuries, (the dog attack, the broken foot, the dislocated
toe, iliopsoas pull, back strains, well you get the idea), Mum has had to really work me to keep me in shape and
loose to do agility.

Mum takes us hiking, walks us at a brisk pace long distances for endurance and runs with us when she can, ball work, stretching, and more to keep up our exercise for agility and life. And she watches our diet so we don't get too chubby, keep our lean muscle mass and the healthiest we can be.

Lately, since we've moved here it's been difficult for us to do longer distances since we don't have
a 10 acre pasture to walk, and the hiking trials are further away. So Mum has been busy this past weekend building us a fence so we can get some free running on to add to our hikes two times a week, and our daily short hikes up the ridge behind our cabin. More on that later!

Will be interesting to see next weekend at the trial how a little less exercise over the past couple of weeks will effect my performance. Will I be slower? Will I have less stamina? Or will I zoom like I've never zoomed before since I haven't been off leash and rested a lot in the past couple of weeks.

Sure would be nice if there was a power system analysis for us agility dogs, like there are for some companies, wouldn't it? If it could be that scientific, you know? Designing, analizing, maintaining and operating our exercise programs like some of those electrical power systems for peak performance?

We sure know how every dog is different, we've found that out in our lives. I need a lot of exercise, massage, stretching, ball work, and running to keep loose, flexible and built up for agility; especially since the injuries, I've had lots to overcome and maintain.

But Gracie is super different. She's built like a tank, strong, flexible, never been hurt in her life, and would do great in any power system simulation, like some of those tech companies have, BOL!

If you compare my structure with Gracie's...we are built very differently. She's very flat, long backed and muscular. I on the other hand have really long legs for my body, have a little scoop in my back, and am much more slight of build. I'm built more like a deer, and Gracie is built more like a couger.

So this keeps Mum it structure, genetics, experience, or maintenance that keeps some dogs faster and more powerful than others? We think about this a lot. How about you?

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  1. Our 3 year old bc aussie mix agility dog just dislocated her toe one week ago! Any advice? We had the vet xray it and splint it. Just today, the vet removed the splint & xrayed again and the swelling is less and the dislocation isn't as wide, but is not perfect yet and the dog still limps a bit. How long did it take for your dog to heal? Was surgery necessary?


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