Monday, May 16, 2011

Our fence!

Is it done yet??? Is it done yet?

Mum has been working all weekend getting our fence up. Pretty proud of her, I am. Building fences is hard work!

First she staked out the area, then pounded in by hand about 35 stakes around the perimeter. Nice upper body work, she says, BOL!

Then she started securing some super tough 4 foot garden netting to the stakes, and securing some long landscaping pins in the bottom to keep us from wiggling under.

Here are a few photos of the progress!!! See the stakes are all measured and laid out...

Here are some of the stakes put in after she worked on Saturday...

And here's the finish product!!! Whee!!!!

Mum says there are still a few odds and ends to finish up, but it's secure enough for now to keep us safe, if she keeps a good eye on us. We are loving the zooming!!!!

Thank you sooooo much Mum, I know it was hard work, I watched you every minute from the front porch. Love you!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic fence! And I love all the woods around your yard! Enjoy your zoomies Johann!


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