Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun stuff for outdoor dogs, like us!

Being outdoor dogs like Gracie and me (playing, hiking, swimming, (well, Gracie likes water a little more than I :), agility), finding gear that's tough, rugged, long lasting and fun can sometimes be a challenge.

When we first heard of Ruff Wear way back when I started blogging and putting together my website, it wasn't easy to find gear that we thought would fit our lifestyle. So, when we found out about Ruff Wear products, we got super excited!

Over the years they've created even more fun, functional the Ruff Wear Approach pack, Bark'n Boots Polar Trex Dog Boots, Ruff Wear Highlands Travel Bed, and the cool new Singletrak Mobile Hydration Pack Pack (so pups can carry their own water on those long hikes), the Ruff Wear Track Jacket for tracking dogs, and the new Web Master Harness that Gracie would like to try out. They also have some pawsome, pretty tough toys, like the new Turnip, and even some that float like the Hydro Plane.

They even have a new leash called a Quick Draw Leash, that is great for dogs off leash, and allows you to quickly leash 'em in when needed.

I have a Ruff Wear life jacket that I wear whenever I'm into deep water. There I am up top wearing it on a canoe trip Mum and I took back in 2005, dang that was such a fun day, and not only my first time in a canoe floating on water, but my first time on a school bus too! The bus took us up river so we could canoe back down where our car was parked.

It's kind of amazing how dog products have developed over the years...and Ruff Wear is one company whose products have kept up with the pace. We're looking forward to someday trying out some of their new ones on the market.

This post was sponsored by and the author has been compensated in return for our agreement to blog about Ruff Wear. But you get it, all the opinions on our blog are honest, fair and my opinion. We wouldn't blog about a specific product that we like unless we did!

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