Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tour of the property!

You asked for it, you've got it, BOL!!!

We've really been enjoying our new place in NE Georgia. We're up in the mountains where it's lots cooler than down south where it's flat land. There are tons of places to explore and hike, and we're closer to agility trials near Atlanta (which BTW, we have a trial this coming weekend, yeah!).

And a really good benefit is we are seeing lots fewer ticks here than the other place. We're even thinking of migrating to a healthier, all-natural method of repelling the ticks; we'll keep you posted.

Anywhoo...here I am enjoying a nice sit on the porch swing (which when it moved, didn't phase me at all; Gracie was a different matter, she jumped off!).

Mum and I did a little video tour of the outside of our property...check it out!

You'll see our walk up the lane from our mailbox. Then come to the cattle gate that we shut to keep any wandering tourists out :). There's a nice shot of the front of our cabin, then the firepit in our front yard (the fence is there now too), around the north side to the back where our deck (and porch swing) is. There's even a walk around the deck to the back door and a peek at our tomato, basil, jalapeƱo, and cilantro plants. Then back around to get a nice view of the back yard/forest/fun exploration area :).

And here are a few photos of me and Gracie enjoying our cabin...this is a photo from our living area, showing the wood stove (one of our sources of heat) and the stairs up to the office and bedroom.

This is from our living room showing off our dining and dog crate area; the kitchen (complete with all the conveniences needed, is just to the left).

And this is our living area and where we hang out with Mum in the evenings. You can see the doors to the screened in porch on the right. It was a nice day the day we took the photos and we had them wide open and could go in and out, in and out, in and out...

Here's a view from the living area out to the porch. Wolfie, Wiggy, Gracie and I love hanging out on the porch!

Hope you enjoyed our little tour!!!


  1. Oh, it looks like paradise!

    And your up-and-move story really really makes me appreciate how nice it would be to own next to nothing. I'm not sure I can do it, but I keep working on it. That porch looks perfect for the coming summer. And the view out from the porch is wonderful.

    So you think you're going to move somewhere else every year or two just to experience more of the world, even if you don't have reasons like you did this time? :-)

  2. Thank 'guys'!!! We are loving it here. Went to a trial today and it only took us 1.4 hours to get there and that's one of them that is further away :)

    I think Mum and I would like to stay put for a little while this time...train with some folks in Atlanta, get Gracie trialing, get to know more folks...but you never know :) Mum's always got something up her sleeve, BOL!

  3. What a sweet spot you all have there Johann and Gracie! Please tell your Mum that my Mom thinks the cabin rocks!


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