Saturday, June 04, 2011

Gracie got to play with the hose!

It's been unseasonably hot here on our mountain lately.

So what did Mum do? She got out the garden hose and let Gracie go at it! Wheeee!!!!!

One of Gracie's favorite things to do when it's hot is jump for the garden hose, biting at the water and getting soaked in the process...

Mum got out our kiddie pool too, filled it up; and of course Gracie was right there interrupting the process and having a blast!

Mum has to make Gracie stop jumping for the water hose after a while...she gets kind of manic like a deer in Off Road Lights kind of look to her...and doesn't want to stop, silly girl!

Hope you are all staying cool in the SE part of the US, looks like it's gonna be hot for more days to come!


  1. I really like that 2nd shot! Fun photo to have. Boost loves grabbing at water from the hose but always wants to grab at the nozzle, which scares me about her teeth.

  2. Oh...that sure doesn't sound teeth friendly! Gracie doesn't bother with the nozzle, she just wants the water...sure is difficult to hold the hose and take photos :) Always feel lucky when we get a good shot.


Thanks for barking in!

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