Saturday, June 04, 2011

Celebrating our MACH!

Mum and I have a celebratory ritual after I get a new title in agility.

We get home, rest up a bit, then she gets on the Internet and orders my new title lapel pin for my title box.

When it comes in the mail a few days later, we have another ritual of putting the pin in the box, cleaning it up a little bit, and then taking some fun photos.

We got our MACH title pin the other day in the mail and proceeded to have some fun going through our little celebratory ritual. I helped her arrange the pins so that our new MACH pin was at the top. Then she set up a little photo shoot....

Here's my title box now with all the up-to-date titles in AKC and USDAA. (We left room for that ADCH title pin, did you notice? :)

Here I am with my title box, MACH bars and ribbon, ribbons from the four Q's for the weekend, and my little medal for my new title.

Cropped version :) I think Mum needs to check out printing for less and get some photo copies for framing for our cabin!

One of our outtakes :) Mum was taking photos of the pin box and I got in on the action, BOL!!!! It's now one of my Mum's favorite photos of me. Treat please, Mum!!!!


  1. That is a great way to celebrate your MACH! I love the pin box and you sure do look happy in the photos, Johann!

  2. Congrats on your MACH, Johann! Your title box is really cool. You have such a great smile in all of your pictures. The out-take shot is really a good one :)


  3. Awesome! Congrats y'all! Thought of you and all your agility-ness a week or so ago when hiking, we had gotten to a tough spot Whiskey couldn't jump/get up. I had to curl up and make a barrel (human shaped barrel) and he used my back as an extra step catapult to get up the tall rock face! You'd be proud (er... hopefully) lol!

  4. Congratulations all over again. Do you remember where you got that cool pin box?

  5. Thanks 'guys' :)

    @Gina, pawsome! Good thing Whiskey knew to jump up on your back, not sure I know how to do that yet :)I'm small so Mum can lift me up big rocks.

    @Ellen Pretty sure Mum got the display case at a Michaels store, it opens like a door and has a nice felt type background to pin the pins too. We get the pins from


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