Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We have a bloomers!

One of the very cool things about our new cabin is the landscaping...they did a really nice job incorporating nature's landscape with man-made landscaping closer to the cabin.

Here's a nice photo of our rhodedendrom blooming, it's right near the stairs up to the porch in the front of our cabin; and right in the new area where our fence is.

There are also two Anthony Waterer Spireas (one of Mum's absolute favorite shrubs) next to the rhodedendrom.

There are a ton of ferns planted all around the property, ones that we find frequently in the forests around here, which make a really nice transition from natural to the man-made landscaping. Mum needs to get out her laptops and start downloading more photos to show you!

There are lots of other plantings that we'll need to identify as time progresses, stay tuned!

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