Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I like my Moose Antler! A lot!

Mum gave us some Moose Antlers the other day that the nice folks at Best Bully Sticks sent us! So grateful to them, 'cause they are yuuuummmmmmyyyyyy!

I like to carry mine around the cabin, running up and down the stairs with it, jumping up on the bed and hiding it in Mum's pillows, running down the stairs, then running up to get it and taking it out onto the front porch.

Then I like to hold it way up, get it way back on my teeth before I settle down for a nice chew.

Gracie just takes hers over on the rug and chews it right away, gnawing it down as fast as she can.

That's the difference between me and Gracie...I like to savor, she likes to dive right in, BOL!

1 comment:

  1. Moose Antler chew! Aren't you lucky! Jasper only gets an elk antler. He's VERY jealous. :)


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