Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More critters!

We've been meeting lots more new critters around our our cabin.

Here's a cute toad Mum met on our back deck. She tried to get it outside the fenced area, but it kept hoping off. I haven't met it yet; and Mum's glad. She doesn't know what toads are bad for us and which ones aren't yet! But after looking this one up, she thinks it's your typical American Toad, just a bit unusual for this area, probably about as far south as it gets. And not poisonous, thank DOG!

Here's one of our friendly lizards (actually it's a Gecko). Every morning when Mum let's us out for our morning doo, I run over to where the trash cans are and start sniffing for this little guy. Some day, little one, some day!

Very interesting...when we were looking to identify this young one, we researched and researched. Seems these are really native to Southeast Asia, but have been introduced in Florida, and seem to be making their way north. Not very common around here. At least that's what we think it is...a form of Family Gekkonidae.

Then one morning we saw this super giant gekko on the screen door on our front porch!!! OMD, he's huge, he could certain get his own Janitor Jobs, and take care of all the insects around here, BOL!

Just kidding, it's a camera perspective thing. He was only about an inch long, a baby of the other gal/guy, maybe?

And another beautiful butterfly! This one we believe is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, pretty common. This one is a male, the females are sometimes black (maybe the other ones we see around here :).

Here's what he looks like in the catepiller stage (photo thanks to: gardenswithwings.com). We remember seeing them earlier this spring, very vibrant little catties :). Reminds me of a cartoon character.

Then we saw this girly, a common black and yellow garden spider, although I don't think she looks that common to me! She was large, about 1.5 inches in diameter. See that zig-zag part of the web? That's done by the male, and the other part of the web is done by her, cool huh?

Oh, and we've found a couple of little scorpions here too, just a few though. No pics, 'cause Mum gets 'em before I can take a photo, BOL! Last night, Wiggy (my kittie bro) was very interested in something on the floor in the kitchen. Gracie went to investigate and she did the sniff, back up, sniff, back up thing.

Mum went right over and saw it was a scorpion and beat it to death with her shoe before it could hurt any of us. Good thing we're not sure what they are, and are just visually interested. None of us have been stung yet, knock wood!

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  1. I love finding critters in my yard, sometimes so difficult with the dogs around. Thanks for the photos from a different part of the country.


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