Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun day at the trial!

What a fun day we had at the trial yesterday!

It was a small trial just south of us about an hour away. We got up early and headed out before daylight.

Got there about 8 AM and had our first run at about 8:30 or so. This is the first time we've been to this location and well over a few years since we ran a trial outdoors (my favorite are in those pawsome horse arenas on dirt).

It was cool when we ran our first run, but heated up throughout the day. Mum and I were entered in STD, GP and Snooker.

My first run wasn't too bad and good enough for a second place and Q. Yep! I remember how to run USDAA Standard. (No video from the day, a few vid camera malfunctions :) Our GP run wasn't too bad either ended up in fourth place but had a bobble, so no Q.

No Super Q for us yesterday. The weird thing is that no dogs in the 16" or the 12" height class Q'd in Snooker, it was just so spread out with double obstacles for points 5, 6 and 7 (and 6 & 7 had weaves too) that it was difficult to rack up enough points unless you were super speedy, which I wasn't by the end of the day. There were only four Q's in 22 and one in 26, so it was a tough Masters Snooker day for a lot of folks.

But Mum remembered all our planned Snooker course, which was good, good for you Mum, sure wish we could have completed it :).

One of the other neat things about yesterday is that we got to see some great friends from Indiana and spend some of the day catching up with them!!! Was really great to see them. Our friends have shelties, so it was like sheltie heaven around us, BOL!

And, another one of the best parts of the day is that our buddy Cosmo, the Havanese and his Mum were there. Oh Mum and Cossie's Mum talked it up all day, while Cossie and I sniffed butts, wrestled a little and drove Gracie crazy!

We hiked a little around the property, hung out near the car while they talked to cool off some in the shade. Cosmo had some nice runs yesterday and got a Q and second place in Snooker, I think. He did great!

After all of our runs were done, we took a longer hike around the property. They had a cool little lake and lots of dogs were having fun jumping in and fetching their water toys. Gracie and I got sooo excited watching them that I jumped in not knowing it was a drop off that was over my head! I went under, but came up quickly doing the dog paddle and made it back up on shore. Even though I was leashed up, Mum let me do it all by myself, proud I am!

Then Gracie got so motivated she did the same thing! Mum was ready with the vid camera this time. Look at Gracie...this is her first time being in water over her head too :).She deserves a nice beaded necklace for that one! Mum didn't know she accidentally pushed a button so it came out in slow mo, but looks pretty cool that way anyway, Mum.

So here we all three are after Gracie and I had our dip - Cosmo, Gracie and me, the Jo-ster.

What a super fun day with super fun friends!

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