Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Praying Mantis!

The other day when we were out in the back yard, I was sniffing the air knowing that there was something different in the area.

So what did I find? A really big Praying Mantis! Yep, it was so big that I could even smell it. This nice lady was well over 6 inches long!

Praying Mantis are very interesting creatures; helpful insects that feed on the bad bugs around Mum's little pot garden. Mum finds little ones around her tomatoes and jalapenos all the time. She likes to look at them, move to the right then move to the left, and watch their heads and eyes follow her back and forth. OK, my Mum is silly but she gets a big kick out it.

Larger Praying Mantis can even consume small reptiles and small mammals and birds, but we've never seen that happen. Antoher super cool thing about them is that they change color with the environment they are on, like this one that's brown because it's on the deck railing, but we see lots on shrubs that are green. Very cool little creatures.

So what do you think about Praying Mantis?

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  1. We have never seen one of those. Mommy says she knows they are around us because friends and neighbors have shown her pictures of them on their cars and fences and stuff, but we have yet to see one. :o( I'm not sure what I'd do with a bug the size of a chipmunk though.


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