Monday, September 12, 2011

How we turned our 22" weaves into 24" weaves quickly and easily!

We've had our weave poles from Affordable Agility for over six years now. Still great weaves, but with one problem...they are 22" weave poles.

Now that many of the venues are moving to 24" weave poles (which is pawsome, btw), Mum wanted us to get a little more practice on them at home - even though neither Gracie or I have had any issues moving from our 22" poles to 24" poles in competition.

She started looking around the Internets for an inexpensive way to create 24" poles from our 22" poles and we found a great solution! We ordered these very cool 12 Weave Pole Spikes Kit with Placer and Tape on Ebay, and we got them in the mail not too long ago; they got to us in just three days!

We took the poles out of our set from Affordable Agility, attached the spikes to the bottom of the PVC poles, lined up the included tape and used a rubber mallet to pound the stakes with poles into the ground. Voila! 24" weave poles for only an additional $29.99!

The spikes are furniture grade for 3/4 PVC, although you can get other sizes, The tape we specified at 24" spacing when we ordered them. You could even just get some PVC from your local hardware store and order these spikes if you really wanted an inexpensive solution for an entire set of new poles.

As you can see, Gracie and I are loving our new poles and we can easily switch out with our other size poles if we need a refresher on 22".

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