Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just a little walk in the park!

Sunday was a laid back kinda day....Mum's got some weirdness going on with her nose and head - she's moaning a lot, BOL!

And Gracie has some weirdness going on with her nose too. So we took it easy on the anniversary of 9/11.

We were running out of human food though. And since it takes 20 minutes for Mum to get to the nearest human grocery, she decided since it was cooler and later in the day she would take us with her, check out the local park and see if there was a flat level area for us to walk (we just didn't think Gracie and Mum could take any more 1000 foot elevation changes for a little while till they get well :)

So we checked out Harold Hefner River Park. The park, runs along the Coosawattee River and has a nice fitness walking trail, about a mile long with fitness stations along the way to work on your upper body.

The Coosawattee River has quite an interesting history. Here's what GeorgiaRiverFishing.com says about it:

"The Coosawattee River is formed at the junction of the Ellijay and Cartecay Rivers just north of Ellijay, GA. Prior to the creation of Carter's Lake, the Coosawattee offered whitewater enthusiasts one of the more thrilling rides in the southeastern US. These rapids, forever buried beneath Carter's Lake, nearly proved too dangerous for a novice canoeist named James Dickey, who was inspired by the incident to write the book (and later movie) Deliverance."

Whoa, Deliverance...Mum remembers that movie, creepy! Wait! Is that a banjo? BOL! Just kidding...

Along the trail, there is a Veterans Memorial Bridge, so we checked it out...

Yep, there's the river...

So we walked a little further and saw this, very cool! At the Veterans Memorial they had all these bricks honoring folks who have served; and they also included some of the Veterans Search & Rescue Dogs; very fitting for us to find, and sit and remember all those affected by the events of 9-11.

Here's a close up view...

We walked a little further and got near the end where Gracie decided to work on stretching her calf muscles...silly pup! Next thing you know she'll be trying a fishnet bodysuit, BOL!

It was a nice little afternoon walking a couple of miles with the Mum and helping her sweat out whatever is messing up her head and nose. Hope you had a great weekend!

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