Monday, October 10, 2011

Angry Birds makes me run for the hills!

Mum doesn't play very many games on the computer. But she did download one not too long ago. You guessed - Angry Birds!

Yep, she on occasion has a lot of fun with it, but the minute I hear those birds squaking and cheering I run for the hills! I don't like that noise...makes me really nervous. Very unusual for me; well kinda. I have the same reaction when Mum watches football on the TV. Mum thinks it has something to do with her yelling and stuff, BOL!

So Mum has been getting stagnant since we now have a fence. Gracie and I are getting more exercise than ever. But not Mum, no more walking four miles a day for her. And the hikes we've been taking about once a week aren't doing it for her anymore. So she's looking into a Wii for the winter to keep her in shape for my agility!

We came across a site the other day with gamestop coupons, maybe they will help us get a nice little discount. Me? I'm apprehensive...not sure I'm gonna like all that yelling, grunting and heavy breathing Mum's gonna put out exercising while I watch. Guess we'll see!

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