Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dog Agility Games and USDDN World Championships!

The USDDN Disc Dog World Finals were held last weekend at the Dellinger Park in Cartersville, GA.

As part of the event one of the local training facilities set up The Dog Agility Games. We heard about it last week and thought it would be a great day to get out and get in a little practice and get Gracie running in a new place again.

They also had lure coursing at the event, lots of vendors and folks from all over the World, even some of our blogging friends from across the pond!

Mum took some photos with our point 'n shoot of some of the competitors in the Disc Dog Championships. It was very loud with all the music (you would have thought that all the car speakers in the place were on, BOL)! But it sure was fun watching them and meeting some of the competitors and talking with the spectators. Great folks and talented pups! You can see all the results here.

Before we walked around we had a great time playing some of the agility games we've never played before, and meeting lots of new friends.

My first run was some kind of gamblers type of game. Well, I was so anxious to run that I broke my start line stay before Mum could even get in the gamble area, BOL! She didn't care, it was for fun. But she did try getting into that box again and sending me out to obstacles, but by that time we were all confused and I just decided to take anything in somewhat of a direction Mum seemed to be sending me. Comedy of errs that's fur sure, but fun none the less!

Mum was happy to see that I was happy and fairly speedy, much more that at my last trial, where I just wasn't myself at all.

My second run was a snooker course. Dog did I need a new handler! Mum is way too rusty for snooker, but she had a good plan just didn't direct me too well into the weaves, so I looked at her a lot, but she was super happy with how I did. I got first in both of my runs.

But the big news was that Gracie ran. After seeing Stuart Mah a few weeks back we got some good tips on training with Gracie. Mum has been trying them out, and working with them. It's been a challenge (we may have a separate post about all this), but seems maybe some of it has been working...because Gracie ran and ran pretty darn focused!

She wasn't very confident and she wasn't speedy because of that, but what Mum saw was that she was thinking, and thinking about what Mum wanted. Now that's a big, big improvement! And the fun part is she got second place :). So here are our runs from the weekend.

Really fun day and such great weather! Hope you had a great weekend!

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