Monday, October 17, 2011

New Zukes Rabbit Mini Naturals!

Right before our last agility trial the super nice folks at Zuke's sent us their new 'flavor' of Zukes Mini Naturals for free to try out.

What new flavor do they have? Wild New Zealand Rabbit!! Oh yeah!

I have to say that even with a few rabbits caught in our fence that both Gracie and I have surprised over the years, this was the first time I actually got my taste buds on a rabbit and I have to say they are pretty dogggone yummy!

We love Zuke's! Their Mini Naturals have been a staple in our agility trial and training bag for years, as well as our hiking pack. Mum likes them because even though they are small, she can still break them in two to give us a big old jackpot - treat, treat, treat, treat, treat!!! And even in their pure form they aren't too big for a nice treat for making that tight turn around a jump; or a good 'pick me up' on a long hike.

Be sure and visit their website; if you hurry, you could give them a little info and receive $1 off a bag or boxed product of Zuke's at your local pet store!

Thank you Zukes for sending us a bag to try out for free, we sure do appreciate it!


  1. Very cool, Johann! My mom will be happy to know this. The Zuke's training treats are my favorites :)


  2. Thanks for the tip. We love zukes, use them all the time.


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