Sunday, October 16, 2011

2012 IFCS World Championship US Team Selected!

Following the conclusion of the USDAA Cynosport World Games this past weekend the 2012 IFCS World Championship US Team was named and announced.

The US Team consists of:

Dana Pike Chamberlain and Tangle
Daneen Fox and Masher
Andy Mueller and Crackers
Kevin Brown and Hunter
Maureen Waldron and Mickle
Jean Lavalley and Cheer
Stuart Mah and Ares
Jeannette Hutchison and Rumble
Dudley Fontaine and Sweet
Mia Grant and Vic
Terry Smorch and Presto
Dudley Fontain and Maverick

The 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships will be held in Fort Worth, Texas, May 11-13, 2012, at the Watt Arena at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center.

The 2012 event was awarded to the United States by the IFCS General Council. In the twenty-five or more year history of dog agility, this is the first time such a world team agility event has ever been hosted in the United States.

The US Team selection process.
2012 IFCS World Agility Championships website 
IFCS US Team Website

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