Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little hiking and a trip to Blue Ridge!

The weather here on the Mountain has been amazing for well over six weeks now. Every day has been a sweatshirt kind of day, sunny and very pleasant..

Last weekend we woke up and Mum said...'we're getting out of here!" Yeah Mum! You have been working way too hard lately.

So we drove to one of our favorite places to hike, Aska Trails. The drive there was just amazing. Lots of the leaves are turning and makes driving the winding roads around here so breathtaking.

We got to the trail head and decided to take the two mile trail this time. We headed in and saw where some folks had left their walking sticks...just think that is so cool!

The scenery was stunning in some places, photos just don't do them justice...

Mum tried to get me to pose, but I was much more interested in getting going...lets go!

More great scenery...

After our hike...we decided to take a little trip and head into town. Blue Ridge is a really fun little tourist town with an entire downtown full of all kinds of fun shops. It's Apple Festival time around here and leaf changing time, so it was kind of busy, even though we didn't get there until about 3 PM on Sunday.

Blue Ridge is also a really dog friendly town. We saw lots of dogs on leash, even a booth set up for pet adoptions. Several of the stores Mum wanted to go into allowed us to come in as well. We especially liked stopping into the Blue Ridge Adventure Wear. They stock all of Mum's favorite brands...Columbia, Life is Good, Keen, Teva and more. Mum has worn holes in the bottom of all her hiking socks, so we helped her pick out some new Wigwam Hiking Socks. She can't wait to try them out. Gracie is wonder if they have any liquid image summit series goggles, awwwwww she would look so great in them too, but they didn't :).

They have a really fun logo, here's a pic of our sack...neat huh?

The folks at the store were super nice...loved dogs and wanted to give us the treats they keep on the counter. We did a few little tricks for them and sat patiently as all kinds of folks walked by us through the little store. It was very crowded. Mum was super proud of us! Gracie didn't split anyone's lip trying to kiss 'em, and I didn't even bark once in the store, BOL!

It was a really fun day...

Mum says that if the weather holds...we're going to Fort Mountain next weekend. We hear they have lots of vistas to hopefully see lots of leaf color and miles of hiking trails too!

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