Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our first snake here in Georgia!

We found a snake in our fenced back area! It's the first one we've seen since we've been here in Georgia.

Mum was hanging out on the back railing, watching me do my duty, when she looked down and saw what looked like a snake skin!

The snake was so straight and so still that she didn't think it was alive. She didn't have any idea what kind of snake it was, so she remained calm, got me to come inside and went right back out with the camera. After taking a few photos, she got a stick and the plan was to get it on the stick and put it down the lane, but then it started moving! It's alive!!! She wanted to beef up the rv insurance and get that thing outta here!

It slithered under the deck and got away. Well, maybe it will take care of some of those little mice that have crept into the cabin lately, darn it, BOL!!

She looked it up on the Internet and asked some of her Facebook fans if she was right, yep; she was. It's a little rat snake, a young one. And someone thought that it was so docile because of the cooler nights we've been having.

Darn, no more mice to chase in the cabin :(


  1. It's kind of pretty in a snake sort of way! :)

  2. cool snake, Johann! Too bad you have competition for the mice now ;-/ tho your mom proly doesn't mind (as long as the snake is nice). my mom and I saw a snake here on our walk not too long ago. It was a big test of my 'leave it', bol! but mom "escorted" it off the side walk to safety.


  3. Ugh, I hate snakes. Even good one. Scary to me.


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