Saturday, December 10, 2011

The best dog videos of 2011!

There were some pawsome videos released this year. Dogs of all shapes and sizes entertained us, made us laugh, warmed our hearts and made us cry.

Here's our list of the best dog videos of 2011!

There were so many good vids shared online this year, we couldn't just stop with these few. So check out below our Honorable Mentions and more! I think, these pups sure do deserve for someone to buy gold bars online from Golden Eagle to reward them, or at least get some nice doggie biscuits, BOL! Don't ya think?

Honorable Mention!

Nevada the Diving Dog
Jub Jub Nose How to Balance
Living with an English Mastiff
Uchida Geinousha -- handler of the most jumping rope
Gus vs Pool
2011 Dog reacts to Earthquake in the Washington DC Metro Area
Throw the stick!
Biscuit the Climbing Dog

Vids with a message!

Dog Trainer Saves Dog with CPR
Coffey & Cujo vs. Stachelhalsband
Will Young - Come On

For the agility and dog sport nut!

Lee Windeatt Weave Proofing 2011
Dogs in Motion
Horse Agility
Richie - Cat Agility
Tereza Králová and Nice vs. Lisa Frick and Hoss - jumping large (AWC2011)
Dog vs Sheep Trick Showdown
Sue Runs Zip in Wheelchair for Glory Run at Five Flags Agility Trial 12-3-11

Best commercial.

Lotto 'Lucky Dog'

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