Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Squirrels, how dare they?

Those squirrels, how dare they?

Seems like they've built their home right next to my fence. Neighbors....can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, I guess.

Here's an up-closer view of their little home/nest.

And this shows just how close they are to my fence! Yes, I said my fence! You can see the nest way up at the top on that tree that's leaning.

Ha! Maybe that tree will fall down in the next big storm and I can finally get rid of my squirrel-y neighbor! Or I could have Mum get some smith equipment and take care of the little bugger that way, BOL!


  1. Johann, did you see on my last post about going to the chiropractor that they has SKWERREL CHOW where I had to go fur my verti-bray aline-ments? I could not beleef my nose! They is taking ofur the werld, I tell you. They must be stopped!

  2. We call those critters "The S-word" ever since my [late] Remington learned their full name and reacted with great excitement whenever it was uttered. All dogs know that they must remain ever vigilant!

  3. Ohh Wow!! What a smart squirrels..I loved it


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