Monday, January 23, 2012

Agility in Perry!

Over New Year's Weekend, Gracie and I got to go to a USDAA trial in Perry. It was our first time there. A bit of a long drive, so we only went on Friday and Sunday.

Mum entered Gracie in three runs per day, and me in just Gamblers and Snooker to try and get those last few Q's for my ADCH.

Well, I got the first days gamble, but took a little wrong turn, so I was over time in the gamble area, but Mum was super proud! It was a bit of a toughie, two jumps to the right, then into the chute, then I needed to come out of the chute to the left and take a couple of more jumps. Went into the gamble and took the first jump, then I veered to the left and had to come back to take the second jump. Then I took the chute and came out going right instead of left, but Mum got me on track and I took the last couple of jumps, but the buzzer went off before that last jump. So close!

Mum planned out my snooker, but didn't plan very well, so no Snooker on the first day. Rats!

Gracie ran her three runs on Friday - Standard, Snooker and Jumpers. She was pretty wild on her first run, and ran off, but came back. She also wouldn't have anything to do with the teeter, despite the fact she and Mum had worked on it all week before. And there was a teeter in the snooker, so no Q there either. She ran off from Mum in the Jumpers, but Mum got her back and she zoomed through the last 6 obstacles, taking jumps way in front of Mum with go ons. But it took too much time to get her back and she was over time by about one second. But Mum was proud of that last go with Gracie!

We rested on Saturday, and then headed back on Sunday.

Same runs for both of us on Sunday. Gracie ran her Standard and was absolutely perfect and amazing through the first half of the run - the jumps, frame, DW and table (with a super quick down). Then came the teeter which flipped her out, and she ran off again. But Mum got her back.

Then she ran her Snooker and Jumpers, both fairly speedy and super nice! Gracie came out with two first places in those two runs, good girly! Mum wanted to sing it to the rooftops, along with background music provided by guitars with a yamaha fc5 of course!

I had Gamblers and Snooker again. Mum's opening plan and our run for the Gamblers in the opening was perfection, but I didn't get the right ques from her on the gamble, rats again!

Then she planned out my snooker, it was a long one. In the opening she planned two sixes and a five. The closing was a tunnel to tunnel, with two jumps right in between. But we maneuvered it all fine. The seven in the closing was a jump, six weaves, jump. Just as I was about to go take the very last jump, the buzzer went off. So I got 44 points, and the two SQ's got 40 points, I was fourth. So close!

But we had a super time, met some new people too!

We think Gracer really did well this past weekend. She now has two snooker Q's and one jumpers Q in PI.


  1. Congrats to Gracie & Johann for a job well done! BTW, love the pics of them in the snow.

  2. Do you mean the two SuperQs got...48 points? Seems like a typo.

    Congrats to everyone's best efforts and ribbons and being close, because that means that eventually you will get it.

  3. Yes, yes, mistake, my bad - SQ's got 44, I got 40 pts for fourth, so close! Thanks Ellen! :) If I would have made it through the seven, would have had 47. Gonna go edit the post....

  4. Boost knows a lot about "if would have made it thru the 7"--usually a refusal, though.


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