Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More fun agility practice!

Lucky us, we got to go to agility practice near Atlanta again last weekend!

I just love these little run through practice sessions. It's a great time for me and Mum to work on some gambles. It's also great for Gracie to work on focus with lots of distractions. And the best part is we get to see good friends and go out to lunch after!

See that's our bud Cosmo, who was there with us. You can see Cossie's runs on his blog!

I ran my first run, pretty speedy (you can see it in the vid). Mum was happy with it! My second run, there's just part of it (mechanical error), but you can see I'm on the table. Mum sent me from way back behind the tunnel entrance, sending me gamble style to the table with a down and then a jump. We also worked on a little gamble with the teeter. Not too bad, although Mum would have like me to go all the way through the teeter.

Gracie ran her first run and did well until she got to the teeter. The teeter at this place is aluminum and makes a super big bang that echos throughout the building. Got her really spooked. So Mum didn't make her do the teeter on her next run. But she took her into the practice room and worked with her on that teeter, but it was still freaking her out. So they let it go for now.

Her runs were pretty good! She can get more speed we know, just needs to build up that confidence, fur sure.

When we got home, Mum worked with Gracie on our teeter, then over the next couple of days and she's back doing the teeter again very confidently. Luckily we don't experience those loud aluminum teeter bangs at competition in the horse arenas.

Here are parts of our runs!


  1. That is so cool Johann! What a great place to practice and then go out for lunch with friends!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day, especially the lunch part! BOL!


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