Saturday, February 11, 2012

Helping Mum build a fire!

It's getting cold here on the mountain today and we got a little snow! After being in the 60's during the day for almost a month, it's kind of a nice little change!

So what do we do when it gets colder? Yep, we build a fire in our cabin wood stove.

To start a nice fire you need kindling. So Mum put me to work yesterday to make some for our fire. Here are some of my results:

After you make kindling, you know what you do next right? You gather it up! So Mum put me to work again to gather up all the kindling I made and put it in a box so she would have it ready to start our fire in this morning. I had fun!

I think making kindling may have become one of my favorite things to do. And Gracie has even gotten in on the act. I've been teaching her well, and she's getting better at it. Since she has bigger jaws she can even do bigger sticks than I. We may have to some up some audio conferencing services to make sure we get it all on tape, huh?


  1. I LOVE making kindling, but I NEVER put it into the kindling box. I like to leave it lying around on the carpet for people to step on and so that Grandpa doesn't have to ask, "Where'd my logs go?"

  2. Johann, you are such a useful helper around the house!


Thanks for barking in!

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