Thursday, February 16, 2012

Practice last weekend!

Oh yeah! There is nothing better than taking a day during the weekend for fun, friends and agility practice!

We got in a lot of that last Sunday. We met up with our bud Cosmo and his Mum at the practice building. I got in two runs, and Gracie got in three runs.

Mum was super proud of my run, really nice speed, good weaves (even with one of those kind with wide bases, which have been bothering me lately) and she did a little short distance gamble stuff with me too, which I did pretty well. Here's my first run of the day.

Gracie has more things going on. You may remember that the last time we practiced here she took on a huge teeter fear because of the loud bang and the echo throughout the building. Mum worked on her teeter with her at home, but wasn't going to let Gracie on the teeter yesterday.

We thought all was fine until Gracie saw the dogwalk and thought it was the teeter. So you can see in the vid that she got another fear, stressed out, and how Mum handled it.

After her first run (the first one in the vid) Mum worked with Gracie in the back room on a dogwalk board, and you can see the results of that little five minute session with the clicker in the second part of Gracie's vid. Gracie barreled through that fear like a pro!

In the first run, you can certainly tell that Gracie is stressed, but Mum knows her and how much she can handle. (Other dogs may not be able to handle as much as Gracie, you know your dog!) Mum had her try it three times, until Gracie finally put one paw on the board, and Mum rewarded her by sending her to the frame (one of her absolute fav obstacles). It worked great! So glad that didn't last long, whew!

So here's Gracie's vid, complete with subtitles, BOL!

We sure had a lot of fun and got to go out to lunch with Cosmo and his Mum after!

We have another run through scheduled for next Wednesday. And the best part is that it's at the same place where our next USDAA trial is, on dirt at a horse arena. So Mum's going to try Gracie on the teeter there. Can't wait to see if she does it.

Can you believe that Mum and Gracie have been training in agility now for over six years? Yep, that's right. Through HCG diet Austin and everything. Lots of ups, lots of downs, lots of highs and lots of lows those two have seen. Patience is a virtue, that's fur sure!

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  1. Great practice! Nice building, good friends! I know we always talk about your speed, Johann, but look at your mum go!!! Very immpressive! Also yes, patience and persistence sure do pay off!


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