Friday, February 24, 2012

Interesting comparison!

Mum's been noticing something very interesting lately.

Back a couple of years ago, when the pawsome Photo Book shots were taken that I posted about, I was in the midst of my iliopsoas troubles and at times I was super bunched up.

Here in this photo from the photo shoot, you can see that I have my back legs further forward under my body, and a hump on my back end. That's because I wasn't able to really stand comfortably and compensated for the tightness in my iliopsoas area by hunching my back and keeping my legs further forward when I would stand.

That was over two years ago, and since then Mum has noticed, especially recently after taking my new DogPawR supplement, that I stand much more correctly; with my legs out a little further from my body, which gets rid of that hump on the top of my back end. Here's a pretty good example and this is from a few months ago. I am standing even straighter than this photo now!

It's very interesting how all that hunching accumulated over time and wasn't noticeable. If you knew me, you'd probably not even notice that anything was wrong. But now, it's very noticeable after looking at some of my standing photos from a couple of years ago compared with photos today.

Something else that Mum has noticed that I've never done in my entire life: when I'm lying on the couch with her in the evening on my back, sometimes I will stretch my legs all the way out. That's something I have never done in my entire life! And looking at this photo with my back legs tucked under me from last week...

Mum has never seen me in this body position in my entire life! I probably just couldn't even get in that position comfortably.

The sad part is that it seems that almost my entire I didn't feel quite right which is why I was bunched, hunched and didn't want to stretch out my legs.

We are both loving me feeling good now, feels like I got a new leash on life!

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  1. Hey Jo!
    That's so fantastic, you've really come a long way in your healing. Doesn't matter how long it took you to get there all that matters is that it really looks like you've arrived. Good BOY!


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