Thursday, March 01, 2012

I guess I can stack after all!

Let me tell you straight off, I don't like stainless steel next to my teeth. So for first try at stacking, my food bowls were out!

Mum finally got me some plastic bowls to work with. BOL! Well the plastic bowls are so light weight that I get kinda crazy with them.

But Mum had a little idea of putting a rock in the bottom of the main bowl to keep it stable, and voila, I can stack, wheeee!

We started with me putting a stick in the bowl, since I totally get that. Then Mum had me progress to a bowl. Took a little bit of figuring out and a little wackiness, but I got it!

Here's the vid of me learning last week. Love learning new tricks...

Now all I need is a vlc free download to play it on the big screen, woo hoo!

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