Thursday, May 10, 2012

I got to try the new Nina Ottosson Dog Worker!

The nice folks at Pawlickers sent us the new Nina Ottosson Dog Worker to try out recently!

I have to say that this is the most versatile, wooden Nina Ottosson Puzzle and Interactive Toy I've tried yet!

This one is different as it has three different ways you can play to vary the skill level, so it's great for any dog. The first way (you can see it in the video) is to use just the pegs; the second way is to hide the treats under the outer pegs and under the spinning wheel; and the third way is to put it all together and hide the treats under the sliding pegs so that your pup has to turn the wheel to slide the pegs and find the treats!

So here's our vid showing all three ways to use the new Nina Ottosson Dog Worker!

Right now you can get the Nina Ottosson Dog Worker through the Pawlickers store on Amazon for $51.49 (that's a discount of 13% or $7.50) with free shipping!

With the heat of summer coming up, it's a great way to engage and 'wear out' your dog when you can't get out there for a nice long walk or hike! A tired dog is a happy dog, believe me I know. Enjoy!


  1. thanks. very interesting close up of exactly how he solved it.

    How do you find the wooden toys in general compared to the plastic ones? I have both and I like the fact that then plastic ones can be washed, but I think perhaps wood is a better medium for the dog's mouth.

  2. I like the wooden ones the best, they just have more balance and weight to them. Gracie and YoYo both get really wacky with the plastic ones and they always end up in another room, BOL!

  3. oh, that looks like a great one, Johann! lots of different ways to make it challenging or different. I think it would take me a while to figure it out with the wheel, bol! woofs,



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