Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We did it again to help the Grace-ster!

Yep, we did it again!! We moved last weekend to a pawsome new cabin, just about 10 minutes or so from our old place.

It's further up the mountain, but has all the comforts of home, including trash pickup! DOG, has Mum missed that.

So why did we move this time? Well, we found out after a repair job at our old cabin, that the place had mold. And it turns out that we are 95% sure it is the reason that Gracie and Mum got sick this past fall and winter.

So, let me show you our new place!

Here's the front of the new cabin...

And very importantly my, and Gracie's, rompin' area...soon to be fenced in, with a few pieces of agility equipment, our summer portable pool!

And here's the view from our back porch/deck, just off the living room and Mum's office room.

So back to the reason we moved...Mum was frequently sneezy, runny nose, and coughing a lot from fall into winter and early spring, which isn't like her at all. In February she had two days of 102 temperature and I really had to give her the YoYo comfort routine. And Gracie has had a snotty nose since last August that none of the several vets she's seen have been able to help her with.

Once we were able to open up the windows to the cabin in the Spring, both Mum and Gracie got lots, lots better! So that's when we became pretty darn sure the mold was the issue.

Dr. Harvey, the founder of  Dr. Harvey's, our super pawsome friend and Twitter bud for a long time, has been helping provide Gracie with a lot of immune system builders utilizing herbs and homeopathics. He has helped her a lot to keep potential infections away. With Dr. Harvey's help, all this time Gracie never lost her appetite or energy level and was even doing all her agility and hiking with us; and acted her same wacky self , except she had snot coming out of her nose, along with sneezing too.

We are super grateful to Dr. Harvey for helping us with Gracie. Since we've been in the new cabin for about a week now, she is 90% better! Still a little sneezing in the morning and a little snot. But we talked with Dr. Harvey today and just know that with a few more supplements she will recover completely very soon thanks to all his amazing help over the past months. (Hope Dr. Harvey Cohen doesn't mind that I shared his photo with you...that's the Doc with Daner in the photo to the left). When you get a chance go take a look at his amazing line of foods, treats, supplements and more; all healthy, safe and natural, just the way nature intended, and the way we like. Oh and check out the Power Patties, they are my most absolute favorite agility running treat!

So we are loving our new place so far. It's got lots of places to walk and hike right out our front door. And we are really going to be super happy when Mum gets the fence up. There are a lot of horse farms around here too, which are fun to see; folks around with all their equestrian apparel, and such. And Mum is loving having the trash picked up and having filtered ice and water from the fridge door again. And Gracie is back to her old tricks hitting the lever to get a quick drink, silly girl!


  1. wowee, what a view you have, Johann! and it looks like you have some pawsome places for hiking and exploring! I hope your mum and Gracie are 100% soon. Aren't Power Patties the best?


  2. Hi Jo, SO happy you all found this marvelous place and that you're all safe from that awful mold. It makes my heart sing to know that you all are feeling better in your healthy new home. Pawsome!

  3. Didn't know all of that was going on but we're happy that you are happy and not sick anymore. Your mama is flippin' real estate pretty quick girls. B4 you know it, you'll be on one of those TV shows:)


  4. You three sure get around! Bummer about the mold at the other place, but nice that you didn't have to move too far.


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