Monday, September 17, 2012

Alien Bug!!!

Well it sure looks like a Alien, don't ya think?

Actually it's an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle. One bug that Mum and I have never seen before. But one day it just appeared on our back deck. Pretty cool huh?

It's a common beetle in much of the Central and Eastern US. But it likes to hide which is maybe why we've never seen one.

According to Organic Gardening, the neat thing about this beetle is "when it feels threatened, it drops onto its back and then flips itself into the air—sometimes several inches high—until it feels safe. The beetle performs this trick by snapping the first section of its thorax—the segmented middle part of its body—into a groove in the second section of the thorax. This hinge action makes a "click" noise (hence the name click beetle) and launches the insect into the air."

It didn't flip at us, but we found a vid on YouTube! Check it out!


  1. We've never seen one of these before. What a funny little bug!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Very cool! My dad is crazy about bugs so I will tell him about your alien one! :)

  3. yikes! that bug is too freaky looking, Johann! when big hairy ugly bugs like that get in our house, our mom always tries to get me or my kitty sisters to eat em...but we won't, bol! they creep us out too, bol!



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