Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh I think these two are up to somethin'!

This is Wiggy and Gracie, checking out all the wildlife that hangs around our back woods past the deck. They are obviously up to something, and I don't think it's  good!

So later in the day, Mum lets all of us out on the porch together, two kitties and two dogs. She knows it's probably not a good idea, given my extreme herding skills. But we all worked through it.

The deck is about 9 feet off the ground at it's lowest spot, about 12 feet at the highest. Suddenly, Mum looks over where Wolfie is and WHOOOSH! He disappears! 

He jumped down to the ground from the 9 foot area, can you believe it? He's 18 years old, that's well over 90 in human years, silly kitty!

So Mum rounds Wiggy, Gracie and me inside, then runs out the front door and around the back of the cabin and sees Wolfie chowin' down on some grass. No worse for wear. 

Maybe he needs to be an agility kittie! 

Or at least maybe Mum needs to put some type of memory foam mattress down there so he can have a soft landing, BOL! Better yet, we need to screen in the back deck to keep us all safe, K? Mum?

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  1. Holy cow! My Nick is 19 years old too. I wonder if he could make that jump? He still thinks he can catch birds, so maybe! Glad he was safe.


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