Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to properly dig for underground vermin from a herding dog's point of view!

How do you properly dig for underground vermine? First you have to use your handy dandy sniffer to sniff out a culprit!

Once you have identified the closest place they may be to the surface, you start digging and I mean really getting down and dirty...digging like you've never dug before!

Once you get down a little ways, you have to stick your sniffer in the hole and see if you can pinpoint how much further to dig! Careful not to inhale too much dirt at this point or you'll start a sneezing fit!

Once you've settled on a good direction, keep digging, dig and dig and dig and this point you may encounter some smells that resemble the time Mum ordered Chinese food delivered, but do not let that disway you in your mission! You must stay focused on the vermin, you must!

Once you get down to a certain point, the vermin smells will increase, you will know that they have JUST BEEN THERE! Yes, but don't be fooled, take a step back and then BAM! stick your head way, way, way in, and you may just catch 'em by surprise! Oh they are gonna need a business contracts lawyer raleigh nc, for sure now!

Alas, you may not get the vermin on your first try at this. It's an art and science combined, and without the two working paw in paw, you may have to have another go at it tomorrow. But at all costs! DO NOT GIVE UP!!!


Thanks for barking in!

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