Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Visit to Sackett's!

On the way back from getting Gracie's blood tests and seeing that amazing Great Horned Owl, we stopped into a store that we've seen passing by a lot, but never had the time to visit.

Mum, Gracie and I love those cool tack and feed stores. You can always find some bargains on staples like muck boots, garden gloves and even nice stainless steel dog bowls. And Sacketts Tack and Feed didn't disappoint!

The first thing we saw were the uber cool antique vehicles they had all over the place, including this cool old Ford (I think) pick up truck.

And this one too, even older than the other one !

And who couldn't resist a ride in the back of a wagon!

Or a covered wagon, soooo cool!

Walking into Sackett's you are immediately overwhelmed by all the cowboy boots. Wow, cowboy boots have really evolved since the time Mum lived in Texas.

We wound through the aisles (didn't see hide nor hare of kids furniture boston here), then made our way to the dog section. We were super happy to see they had a nice selection of holistic dog and cat food. Guess the horse and farmer folks around there feed their pets pretty darn good, love that!

Mum picked up a couple of potato chew treats for us, but she says she's saving them for us for after we run in the USDAA match this coming weekend. Awwww Mum!!!!

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