Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Product Review: Grizzly Pollock Oil

As part of our efforts to get Gracie's immune system built back up after her bout with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and her reoccurrence of the snotty nose after that, Gracie's been taking some good supplements.

One of those supplements is Grizzly Pollock Oil, one of Grizzly Pet Products new products. They were kind enough to send us a nice big bottle of their Pollock Oil to help Gracie. And wow, has it ever!

After Gracie had the RMSF, her coat was dull and getting flaky; part of the efforts of the Doxycyline that she had to take for so long to get her well.

Now that she's been on the Pollock Oil for about a month, you wouldn't believe the change in her coat, she is so shiny I've got to wear shades!

From the pristine, icy cold waters of the Bering Sea, wild Alaskan Pollock is an excellent and sustainable natural source of fish oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acid. Grizzly Pollock Oil provides the long chain Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which are vital to health and immune boosting. This high ratio puts Pollock oil close to wild salmon oil in efficacy, and far higher than farmed salmon oil with a typical Omega-3/6 ratio range as low as 2 to 3.

We love the Pollock Oil! Gracie loves licking it up and we know it's really helping her build back her immune system, along with her yogurt, local honey, vitamin C and more.

Oh and the nice folks at Grizzly Pet Products were kind enough to send us some of their Grizzly Salmon Fillet Treats for Dogs and Cats. They are crunchy strips of 100% dehydrated Wild Alaskan Salmon, made and sourced in the US, which is great! They contain only all natural salmon and nothing else.

We took them to agility training last weekend to test them out and I've got to say, these were the smelly things that got Gracie over that teeter, not once, not twice, but three times in three runs. If you've been reading in the past year, Gracie getting on the teeter is a huge deal, and doing the full teeter with some help from the salmon treats was an even bigger deal! Mum could easily break them up into smaller pieces to give Gracie that jackpot for the teeter; and they didn't even stain her pocket where she hid them while we ran.

Big thanks to Grizzy Pet Products for allowing us to try out their products. We've linked to where you can purchase their products if you'd like to try them out too!

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  1. Got this one!! Maybe put some doggles on Mr. Jo's next picture to help emphasize Gracie's shiny coat!!! Bar-har-har.

    Cort N Katie


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