Saturday, July 13, 2013

Agility practice!

We haven't been going to agility practice much lately, but with all the rain for days on end Mum thought we should go last weekend as we were starting to go bonkers with cabin fever.

Some weekends Canine Capers in Norcross has run thrus. We like it there even though it has rubber stall matting, which I usually slip on. But at this location, I don't slip at all, and neither does Gracie. And the run thrus are super inexpensive which we love too!

We got up early, since it's a two hour drive, and headed out. Lots of rain and fog on the way there.

Our first two runs went pretty well. However since I still have that 'Gamble bubble' problem, when Mum got close to two of the jumps I refused them. So we worked on that. Not sure why, but when I got to the teeter, I ran like a wild man to the end and just as Mum was gonna give me a wait, I flew off the darn thing almost landing on the chute. But I was OK. Whee!

On my next two runs, Mum planned out a snooker course for us to practice.; jump to DW to jump to tunnel, and then Mum had to pull me through two parallel jumps to another jump. The first time we tried it, since Mum was so close to me, I took the out jumps, one right after another. But the second time we ran it, Mum layered one of the parallel jumps and I sailed right between those two jumps. Darn 'Gamble bubble' again.

Gracie ran the entire course super speedy the first time. She was super focused, did her amazing weaves the first try, and even got four paws on the teeter. Mum helped her with the tipping point on her first run. But on Gracie's second runs, Mum didn't have to help her and rewarded her with some salmon treats at the end of the teeter, and then sent her into a tunnel (which is her favorite reward ever!)

This is the place where Gracie got the teeter fear originally, so this was a huge win for her and Mum! Go girlies! So proud of Gracie, I think she missed agility!

After agility practice Mum headed over to Whole Foods to pick us up some chicken backs. They were super kind to pack them in ice for us, since we were two hours away from home. They stayed frozen all the way home, and we got raw the next morning. Nom!

I haven't mentioned, but it's rained every day for nearly 3-4 weeks now; bringing the ticks out and not allowing Mum to put down the DE to keep them at bay. And for several recent days in a row, it has rained all day. Very odd and unusual for this to keep going on and on and on. We just hope it lets up for a few days so we can get some exercise and get rid of the ticks!

As we were driving home, we ran into a super big rainstorm. You have to be really careful driving in rainstorms in the mountains because sometimes you'll get mini flash floods across the road, or encounter what we did in the road on our way home. A downed tree.

We drove about 10 miles through this huge rain storm. Not fun and it was so loud in the car! But we finally made it home safely, leaving at 7 AM and getting home at 4 PM.

It was a super fun day, and really great to get in some practice. A few weeks back I came up a bit lame on my back leg. Mum first thought is was my illiopsoas again, but later realized I just tweaked my knee a little bit. After a couple of weeks I was looking good, so it was nice to see how I would do on an agility course and three runs in 2.5 hours at that! So looks like my knee is good to go!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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