Monday, July 01, 2013

Gracie's split nail update!

If you saw my previous post about Gracie splitting her nail. Well, all is healed and healed really well, but not without a set back or two.

Just a quick recap, five days after splitting her nail Gracie competed at an agility trial and all went really, really well. She didn't even know while running that something was up with her nail.

But two days after we got home, her nail started splitting even more. It's pretty common from what I understand. That dead nail part has to go somewhere, right?

Mum tried to dremel a little off, but Gracie wouldn't have anything to do with that. She used her nail trimmers and got a little cut off. Then the next day, half of the nail that split came off and exposed the quick all down one side of one half of Gracie's nail. Ouch!!!

More cleaning, more bandaging, and more Traumeel and in two days their was another layer of soft nail that grew right over the exposed quick. Dang, Gracie heals fast!!!

Here is a photo of when half the nail came off. Looks like it hurts doesn't it?

And here's Gracie's nail about a week later; and it had even been through a nail trim session and a little dremel already!

There is still a little crack where the old nail meets the new nail that we'll have to keep an eye on, but...

The best thing we did when it first happened was to clean it with peroxide and put on some Neosporin. Then try and keep it as clean as possible (somewhat difficult with all the Georgia sandy dirt we have here) and wrapped for several days.

Then we used Traumeel regularly after the first day of using Neosporin, because it's safer for her to lick if she gets to it, and it has just a tad of a numbing agent to keep it from hurting, along with all the great homeopathic antibiotic-like properties. Then we let nature take it's course, let the dead nail fall off, and then keep it clean and use a lot of Traumeel.

And badda bing, badda boom, she's healed!


  1. We are so happy that you're all healed up, Gracie! We bet that hurt A LOT!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. I'm sorry Gracie had this pain, but it's interesting to know how other people deal with such problems, because it makes me feel I could cope with it if it happened to Penny.


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