Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Johann tests out the Aikiou Dog Bowls and Aikiou Squeaks!

We got to try out some new bowls/toys!

The nice folks at Aikiou were kind enough to send us some of their new bowls/interactive feeders for free to try out!

See the one on the right? That's the Aikiou Junior, the one in the middle is the Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl, and the one on the left is one for my kittie bros, the Stimulo Cat Feeder! Oh and check out those three squeaky toys too, more on that later.

Gracie and I had a great time trying them out! The original Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl has been on the market for a while. It has 14 different compartments, including the sliding paws, and the round section. It comes in three colors, green, blue and pink. The Aikiou Junior has 6 compartments and is somewhat newer, a little smaller, and kind of like the center section of the original. The Junior also comes in three colors - blue, green and pink.

Both of these bowls are not only great for thinking and interactive play time, but they make great slow down feeding bowls for any size dog. And even though they are plastic, they are BPA free which we believe is really important, are dishwasher safe and made out of material that's really difficult/nearly impossible to scratch.

My kittie bros eat wet food, but we are going to try some treats in their Stimulo as soon as we can pick up some kittie kibble. The price is right on these bowls/toys as well, as they range from about $17-24 USD.

Here I am trying it both the Aikiou's out for the first time!

We also got a really nice surprise when we opened the box that Aikiou sent us. They included these super cool Aikiou Squeaks toys that just came to market this past Spring. I have to say that these are my most favorite squeaky toys ever!!! 

Remember when Gracie caught that last squirrel? After that she wouldn't even go near a toy, she wanted the real deal. So Mum tied one of these great new Aikiou Squeak's to a rope, waved it all over the yard and voila!!! Gracie loved these toys just as much as I do, and these Squeak's got her back to loving toys again! 

They are made from fake fur, have no filling, have a squeaky, and are machine washable, which we love 'cause they get really dirty when Mum takes them outside for our agility rewards. They come in dark (kind of like squirrel color), tan and white. Both Gracie and I just love them and expect they'll be a big, big hit with lots of pups.
See me making a nice catch!

Where can you get these great bowls/toys? You can purchase the Aikiou Interactive and Aikiou Junior at Clean Run, or you can get them at Amazon. We haven't been able to find any info on the Aikiou Squeaks anywhere on the interwebs, but you can be certain that when we do, we'll let you know! They get four paws up from us, and that's not something we give out very often!


  1. You are very good with the interactive doggie bowl, Johann, and the squeaky toy looks like fun!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. I can't get your video clip to run, but I'll be back later to have a look at it. At the moment I just get an error message.


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