Thursday, September 05, 2013

A new dog training service that we think is pretty cool!

Training has always been a staple in my life, ever since the day Mum brought me home from the shelter at 12 weeks old, to just a few weeks ago learning some snake avoidance!

I love training!!!

Mum will never forget when she met me at the shelter, I was a docile little one. But when I got to my new home with Mum, within a few days I turned into a wacky, wild child....into everything, busy as a bee all day long, never wore out. Some folks that we know think I was acting just like a border collie Mum had her hands full with her first dog ever!

My Mum is a smart cookie, so the first thing she did was start me on clicker training at home the very first day. We love it, and I learn a lot of things, from tricks, to games, to how to get along with the kitties, and lots more.

Even though I was super great at home, I was still a problem in public. So Mum signed me up for a dog behavior training class. It was that very class that put me on the road to dog agility, for which I will always, always be grateful!

Now, there is a new training resource that we wanted to tell you about!

Just recently the AKC (American Kennel Club) announced a new AKC GoodDog! HelplineSM that offers live telephone support from a team of dog trainers. When we checked out the trainers, we saw several that practice positive clicker training (which we love!) and some that are involved in sports like rally, dog agility and more (very cool!). From a little puppy training help, to introducing a new dog to your home, to just improving some daily manners, the AKC is ready at the phone to help you out.

If you'd like to learn more about the AKC's new program, you can tune into the #BlogPawsChat on September 10th from 8:00 - 10:00 PM EDT on Twitter. During the two hours the AKC (@AKCDogLover) will be talking about their new GoodDog! Helpline, so you can ask Q's and get more info.

And the neat thing is they are offering my readers a 25% discount off their AKC GoodDog! HelplineSM program; that's $59.99 instead of $79.99 for the lifetime of your dog. (UPDATE: We're working on getting more info on how you can receive the discount, so stay tuned, we'll update you, K?) What do you get for that? A whole lot in my opinion, including:
  • A toll-free number
  • Knowledgeable trainers
  • Unlimited number of calls
It's a pretty cool, inexpensive (less than the cost of a training class) way to have someone on the phone, at the ready, to help you and your Mum with the occasional challenges that arise throughout life!

When you get a chance, check out the AKC Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter, too!

"I am blogging on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and the AKC. I received compensation for my time from the AKC for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine."

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  1. I'm glad your mom found you and knew to do all the right things to help you get your start in life!

    We're looking forward to seeing what the service is like. :)


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