Friday, September 12, 2014

Best Bully Sticks' Moose Antlers Rock!

The nice folks at Best Bully Sticks heard about us adopting Rach, and being the super great friends they have been of ours over the years, they were eager to send us something for free for all of us to enjoy in celebration.

We asked for Moose Antlers. Why? Because Rach, being a puppy, has a chewing problem. Specifically chewing appropriate things, or should I say inappropriate things.

Mum knew that the Moose Antlers would be our savior, our puppy chew 'sitter,' our saving Gracie (not to be confused with my sis, Gracie, although she's saved us a few times!)

So we got them the other day and they asked us to blog about them and tell you all how we liked them.

Well, I think the first photo of me with the package says it all....'can you please hurry up with the photos and open the doggone package?'

Finally, Mum opened 'em and I got my toofers on those pawsome antlers. We like Moose Antlers (specifically the slices) because they have a more shallow outer coating and you can get to the good part - the marrow - much more quickly.

They are super great at cleaning that tarter off a 10-year-old's back toofers. They are naturally shed and gathered so no animal was harmed in the process of my enjoyment. They contain no preservatives, no chemicals and no artificial anything, They don't splinter at all, are very safe, and they have some great health benefits too, like calcium for Rach's growing bones, and my old ones. (Hey. who wrote that? I'm not old!).

Oh and yes, these are for helping Rach with his chewing 'problem.' Hey he didn't do too bad for his first product photo shoot! Look at him chew. He loves them instantly...

Chewing angles are so important when you are a serious chewer.

And making faces while you chew gets you extra points for technique and degree of difficulty.

We want to thank our friends at Best Bully Sticks for sending us these awesome Moose Antlers. The only downside is they never last long enough (even though they last for days and days, it's never long enough, is it?)

Visit Best Bully Sticks and pick up your next chew, or treat, or toy! They have lots of them in all shapes and sizes. And don't forget to find them on Facebook too....we've seen that they post discounts now and then.

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  1. We've never had moose antlers before. We need to give these a try! Thanks for the great review, Johann and Rach!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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