Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Week two with Rach!

The second week we saw a big mental growth spurt with Rach. The second week he was 12 weeks old.

He learned a lot about taking cues from YoYo and Gracie, when to play and when not to play. When it was play time lots of zooming and wrestling was going on. Three was still a bit of a crowd, but he handled both of them very well.

One on one is a favorite zooming around the cabin. He can't keep up with me (YoYo) yet, and squeals and grunts when he can't catch me.

During training sessions Rach started offering up lots of behaviors, Mum was able to capture a lot that first week, including wave.

He started really understanding what the clicker means and is learned to go bed, load up (in his crate) from a distance and even go mat at a distance. He offered up an immediate down, so Mum captured that, as it will be super great for the table when it's time to teach that for agility.

Potty training is very successful and he now makes sure to stop and pee and poo when Mum calls him in. He's great with the come when called, we're just going to continue to work on that with distractions, like deer, good smells and more.

Rach joined me and Gracie at agility practice on the Sunday of his second week and got to meet lots of other people and a few dogs. He seemed pretty overwhelmed at first, but once he hung out a bit, he became very comfortable. After YoYo and Gracie had their practice, we took a nice little mini hike.

This is the first time that Mum tried managing three on leashes during a hike and guess what?! She handled it like a pro.

The second week, Mum showed Rach the mini tunnel we have and he was a bit apprehensive at first, but Mum made it fun and before long he was offering up the tunnel.

At 12 weeks Rach was 14" and gained 1.5 lbs. Mum says he reminds her of me at that age. A complete sponge.  Hope she can keep up with him!


Thanks for barking in!

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