Monday, August 13, 2007

Fun Things To Do With Your Pup Link Love Project!

There are so many fun things you can do with your pups. And I know that many dogs out there would love to have a list of things they can do with their Mums and/or Dads. So, I put together this Fun Things To Do With Your Pup Link Love Project, for us to all have a great list of activities!

If you participated in my Fruits and Veggies Link Love Project, you know what to do! If not, read on.

---------------Copy and paste this line and below------------------

There are all kinds of fun activities for us dogs, right? Well, let's make a list! And get some link love in the process.


1.) Copy and paste the matrix of “Fun Things To Do With Your Dog” below, courtesy of Johann The Dog!

2.) Substitute the Host Tag and one of the “Activities” in the matrix with the name of a dog activity and URL of your blog, just like I did.

3.) When you get a ping back from someone that has your link in one of their “Activities”, practice good paw by copying his/her Host Tag’s anchor text (automatically the associated link will also be copied) and paste it over one of your “Activities” below.

5.) Encourage and invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow fast. And if your not a dog, but your blog about dogs, or own a dog, you are also welcome to participate!

Host Tag: Agility - JohannTheDog

1. Agility - JohannTheDog
2. Disc Dog - Pop Dog Blog
3. A Day at the Dog Friendly Beach - The Dog Dish
4. Find It - Dog Topics
5. Canoing with your Dog - Rescue Me
6. Activity
7. Activity
8. Activity
9. Activity
10. Activity
11. Activity
12. Activity
13. Activity
14. Activity
15. Activity
16. Activity
17. Activity
18. Activity
19. Activity
20. Activity

Important: Once I get a ping back from you, I will add your anchor text and the associated link you designate as “Host Tag” here, replacing one of the “Activity” from the matrix above. As more and more doggie bloggers copy and paste this matrix, the more backlinks you will have with your anchor text. If everybody who copies and pastes from your blog does the same, pretty soon this will spread and go viral. So, the sooner you participate, the more links with anchor text you will receive.

There it is folks. This should help you improve your Technorati ranking, SERP and Google PR and get you noticed with more blogs - we all like making friends, right? Please leave a comment here if you have copied from this matrix so that I can add you just in case your ping-back didn’t reach me.

---------------Copy and paste this line and above------------------

And if you'd still like to participate in our Fruits and Veggies Link Love Project, here's the link to get you started!


  1. Ok! I've done my version!

  2. nice game...

    but all i love is juz running ...

  3. What a fun idea. I am not so sure I trackbacked properly so here is The Dog Dish address:

  4. Oh very cool! I'll have to join up on this one. :)

  5. Great, I love these Love Projects, people come up with such good suggestions. I'm adding to the list this evening.

  6. Hi ClareB! Thanks for joining in. Your Blogger profile isn't public, you an do that in My Account from your dashboard. Or if you'd like to post a link here, I can get your info that way!!!

    Woof, Johann


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