Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Wow - we are really grateful this morning. We got this great note from Chester the Corgi on our MySpace page:

Johann! Dude! I just read your newsletter! That's HORRID how you broke your leg!!!!!!! My Mommy wants to help!!! She's going to those websites you talked about and see what she can do!!!!!!!

I have my "Buddy Papa" that takes care of me when Mommy can't, but he's very old and if anything should happen to him I would have to go back to the Kryder Kritter Hotel. My Mommy loves them there (owned by our Vet's son), but what if something would happen to me while I'm there???????

She's going to ask them how they handle such things. (I have to go there for a few nights in APril when my cousin gets married)

Thank you for your inspirational stories and all the work you and your Mommy do!

*high paws*

Thanks Chester - we hope that some good can come out of my broken paw. You've just let us know that we're making a difference! You ROCK!!!!

See the March 2007 Newsletter!

The March 2007 is here! Check it out!

Friday, February 23, 2007

This AKC survey has me wondering?

I am so curious to see what folks think about the possibility of the AKC allowing mixed breeds to compete in their companion events. So I created a poll! Vote now, it's anonymous, and you can see the real time results.... VoteDo you support allowing mixed breeds to participate in AKC companion events?
Yes No

View Results

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The AKC is looking for input!

The AKC has decided to investigate allowing mixed breed dogs to compete in their sanctioned companion events. One of the first steps is to survey the Fancy. Here is a link to the online survey. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete. We encourage you to voice your opinion!!!

AKC Mixed Breed Survey

I had the best day!

As many of you may know I've been recuperating from a broken paw I got last November. It's been a long winter! But today........I had the best day!

1. I got to go to agility training at the horse barn -- took some jumps, some tunnels and a little bit of the weaves. It was kind of weird in the beginning because for about 3 months Mom made me take it EASY!!! But today I was free, at least to go to the obstacles she told me, BOL! We had a hard time syncing up in the beginning but quickly got our rhythm back! What a blast!!! I sure did miss running agility. Still can't do the contacts, but it may not be too long.

2. Mom took us for a walk! It was 65 degrees in the sun today and Mom thought it would be a good time for us to take a walk around the neighborhood. There were so many of our friends outside and we stopped to talk and 'jump on' everyone. What a great time.

After this long winter, I finally see Spring in sight -- agility trials, long walks with Mom around the neighborhood and pond, fresh air and sunshine. Thanks DOG for a great day!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Today is Mardi Gras and I want to wish you a very happy one!!! Especially those in New Orleans!! They've been through so much. We hope they have a very fun day!

I still read about stories of families being reunited with their lost dogs down in NOLA. So many dogs (and other animals) suffered greatly while stranded, and I still get sad thinking what the ones that didn't make it went through.

It's great to see pups getting back home. I salute all the folks that took in dogs rescued that had no where to go. And I give four paws to the signing of the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act (in 2006) to help ensure that America's pets and service animals aren't left behind in the next disaster.

Have a great day with your families, pups! Let's celebrate!!!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm melting!

It hit 50 degrees here today! I may not look happy, but I am!!!!!

After being well below freezing for several weeks, and after about 15 inches of snow on the ground, it's finally melting. I am so glad!!!!

Not only do I get to play outside longer, but when the snow melts down I'll be able to do some agility training and so will Gracie! That makes all of us very happy. We've so missed it!

Here's to several more warm days!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun Day!

Man did I have a fun day today! But it didn't start that way. Mom gave me a bath today. I totally don't like it, even though I show a good front and stand for a bath like a real good boy. But when it's over......I love to run around and get the zoomies and try to bury my face in the carpet. Mom totally laughs when I do that!

But then we got in the car and drove down to the training center where they were holding an agility trial. I used to train at that training center and I totally remembered the smells and the turns. So when we got within a half mile, I started whining like all get out. I knew where we were!!!!

We weren't running today, but Mom saw the chance for me to get in a measurement by an AKC official measuring judge. There kind of hard to come by, so this was a great opportunity. I barked out of excitement when we got in the building, but was a good boy all day long. I got measured - 15.25 inches - then we got to visit with some old friends we hadn't seen in months. I've been pretty cooped up with my broken paw and it was so great to see everyone. And we got to see them run. When I did - I barked again - total excitement!!! I just can wait to run again!!! Mom looked down at me when one of my friends was running and I was dripping saliva -- she laughed at me!!! It's OK Mom, I know you want it bad too!

Great day -- great to see friends -- and great to be around agility again. Looking forward to April!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm a Happy Tail....thanks!

Did you know I'm a rescued pup? Yep! Mom found me on!

Petfinder is a great site with one goal of helping homeless animals find homes. Gracie and I were both found through Petfinder and are grateful to the folks that run the site and all the shelters and rescues; helping us, and thousands of other animals find their forever home.

I am incredibly honored to be a Petfinder Happy Tail
this week on the website. The nice folks at Petfinder talked with Mom last week and interviewed us for the cool story. Check out the story here!

Every day, finds thousands of loving families for homeless dogs. Their new book Second Chances tells the stories of these placements and the courage -- both human and canine -- behind them. Dog lovers everywhere love, and this amazing collection of heartwarming adoption stories shows you why. Written by Joan Banks, this collection compiles fifty tail-wagging tales from actual animals and their families.

Check out the book on the front page of my site - - I'm sure it will brighten your day! And the best part? All the proceeds from the book go to the Foundation!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Challenging Days!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

We've been snowed in today and yesterday, which to many may be fun times. But to me it just means I'm getting cabin fever!! It's pretty hard to play in snow that is 2x over your head!!! BOL!!! And I need more exercise!!!! That's challenge #1.

Challenge #2: How do you pee and poo in snow that's 2x over your head? You dig baby!!!

Challenge #3: Well I had a follow up vet visit on my broken paw on Monday. Seems I have a little nerve damage. They don't think it's permanent, thank DOG! But challenging nonetheless. It means that when I land on anything I get shooting pains up my leg. And it also means that I may have 6 more weeks of no jumping. I can run thank DOG, but no jumping, which many of you also know that means no agility. Will it ever be over!!!

Challenge #4: Gracie has been battling crystals in her urine for about 8 weeks now. Her urine ph is much better this week, but she has to have another test done in the next few days, to see what the NEXT course of action is for her.

Challenge #5: Gracie's trainer has been away for a couple of weeks and had to cancel her agility classes; now with the weather we're going on three weeks of her missing class. Talk about cabin fever! Gracie needs her job back and soon for all of our sanity!!!!

Challenge #6: I want to personally wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day but it's physically impossible. Hopefully this will help me reach many of you!!!! I'm grateful that I have you all as friends. Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

See my Squidoo lens on throwing a great pup party!

On my first Gotcha Day (that's the day Mom got me), I had a great party! Many of my best buds came. And we played games, ate great food and treats, painted, and played, and played.... I think it was the best day of my whole one year life!
Mom did all the planning. She's pretty organized. So I asked her to put together a lens designed to help others plan a great party for their pup. The lens includes a party planning sheet, theme ideas, game and activity ideas, and terrific resources for shopping for gifts, party supplies, invitations, goodie bag items, party cakes and other stuff. We hope you enjoy the lens! And while you're there, check out my other lens on Dog Agility!

Johann joins other celebrities in raising money for charity.

Johann has joined the team. is about using the popular Six Degrees concept. Any one person (including, Kevin Bacon) is connected to any other person through six or fewer relationships, because it's a small world. hopes to accomplish something good. It's social networking with a social conscience. Through the web site, you can learn about and support the charities of celebrities and your friends, as well as fund raise for the causes close to your heart.

Johann has chosen the ASPCA, HUSU, Best Friends Animal Society and Noah's Wish as his causes of focus.

Kevin Bacon started in partnership with the nonprofit Network for Good in January 2007, more than 10 years after the game, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” made the rounds of college campuses and lived on to be a shorthand term for the small world phenomenon. It is his hope that Six Degrees will soon be something more than a game or a gimmick. It will also be a force for good.
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