Thursday, April 17, 2008

There's much more to see from Gin (and Kate)!

Leave it to a British tabloids to find out the real scoop on Gin and Kate! Read the full article from The Sun!

Kate Nicolas and Gin performed on Britain's Got Talent, last Saturday night and wowed Simon and Piers, the audience, and the 10.6 million viewers with their amazing musical freestyle talent. Check out my previous post with a video of their performance!

Seems Kate, who is only 16, by the way, has had a rough go of it with classmates who just didn't understand her relationship with Gin, even to the point of making fun of her!

Now Kate is probably the most popular girl at school, and this shy girl is coming out of her shell. The teenager from Whitchurch, Shropshire, left school last year after completing her GCSEs. She is now at college studying for a national diploma in animal management.

She says that Gin has lots more to show with her 'bag of tricks' and is working hard getting prepared for the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent coming up.

Kate and Gin...Go get 'em in the semi-finals! We'll be rooting for ya!


  1. looking forward to seeing more from Gin and kate, really enjoyed their first performance :)

    Ben xxx

  2. Johann,
    Thanks for getting more info on Kate and Gin! We love your blog. We get all the latest news from you!!!
    Sadie, Brindi, Cosmo, & Darby

  3. Yeah I hope Kate and Gin will win and go to the finals.

    ~ Girl girl


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