Friday, July 11, 2008

More agility this weekend!

Before I begin, Gracie was really upset that I didn't post a pic of her cheerleading at last weekend's regionals. So her is the obligatory pic of Gracie (BOL!)

See, she has her mouth open, not so much from the heat, but from getting all worked up screaming while I was running, sheesh!!!

So this weekend we have another agility trial. An AKC trial only five minutes away from our house. Cool! With all this agility, Mum definitely doesn't need to check out those diet pill reviews!

After last week's performance on the dog walk and this weeks practice with that certain obstacle, it is undetermined what I may do - bail or not bail - that is the question! But Mum promises she's going to do everything she can to support me in making my contact this weekend. She has yet to figure out how she's going to do that, however.

And after the last trial in this facility, guess we'll see if I am willfully disobedient and sniff those little white pieces of athletic tape all over the course soccer flooring. Guess we'll have to wait and see on that, as well.

Mum and I have been working super hard and long hours this week - I think Mum has averaged about 5 hours of sleep per night for the past five nights. So guess we'll have to see if she remembers those courses, too, huh?

We still promise to post about our great seminars with Stuart Mah and Mary Ellen Barry, from last week. We've been putting some of the tips we learned to good use already!

Oh and good news this week! We got the results from the Regionals (love it when the event organizers email us our results), and we did get that last day, last run of the trail Jumpers Q. So that means only 2 more Jumpers Q's until our Jumpers Champion title. Nice surprise!

Hope all of you have a puptabulous weekend! Stay cool, if it's hot, and stay out of the smokey air if you're in California, and stay warm if you're one of my Aussie buds.


  1. I hope your trial is going well! Chase is doing good, though his start line stay is breaking down... but he's so much fun to run!

    Levi's not doing too well, gonna pull him tomorrow.

    Gracie sure looks upset. It's hard to wait in the crate while the brother or sister is running!

  2. Hope you and your mum will get enough rest :)

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