Sunday, March 28, 2010

Congrats to the winners of the AKC Agility National Championship 2010!

Big congratulations to everyone who competed at the 2010 AKC National Agility Championships and congrats to the winners!

Initial reports are in...more final results to be posted later on the AKC website (see below).


8" Regular - Johanna Ammentorp and Toy Fox Terrier Blink.

12" Regular - Marcy Mantell and Shetland Sheepdog Wave.

16" Regular - Angie Benacquisto and Rat Terrier Dylan, time 30.24.

20" Regular - Rosanne Demascio & BC Drifter, time 29.39

24" Regular - Jackie Bludworth & BC Pete, time 32.18

26" Regular - Daisy Peel and BC Solar, time 29.43

2010 AKC Regular National Agility Champions (left to rt): 8" - Joanna Ammenthor & Blink (Toy Fox Terrier); 12" Marcy Mantell & Wave (Shetland Sheepdog); 16" - Angie Benacquisto & Dylan (Rat Terrier); 20" - Rosanne Demascio & Drifter (Border Collie); 24" - Jackie Bludworth & Pete (Border Collie); 26" - Daisy Peel & Solar (Border Collie) Photo courtesy:


4" Preferred - Nancy Lewis & Poodle Frazzle, time 44.29

12" Preferred - Megan Magnant and BC Roxy , time 38.29

16" Preferred - Naci Berkoz & Australian Shepherd Rusty

20" Preferred - Elizabeth Armstrong & BC Rig, time 34.14

Finals course link.

More courses and results from Sunday including Round 3 Hybrid Class and Round 4 Challengers.
And courses and results from Saturday including Round 1 & 2, Excellent and JWW, Regular and Preferred.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

2011 AKC National Agility Championship location tentatively announced!

This is unofficial and still yet to be finalized (until the contract is signed), but we hear the word going around at the 2010 AKC National Agility Championships today is that the 2011 AKC National Agility Championships will be held in Perry, GA.

Qualifying for the 2011 event will be from December 1, 2009 through and including November 30, 2010. Regular class must accumulate at least 6 Double Q’s & 400 MACH points from the Regular Excellent B Standard & Jumpers With Weaves class during the qualifying period. And Preferred Class must accumulate at least 6 Double Q’s from the Preferred Excellent B Standard & Jumpers With Weaves class during the qualifying period.

NOTE: In order for dogs to compete in the Preferred Class at the 2011 AKC National Agility Championship they must only compete in the Preferred classes during the qualifying period (December 1, 2009 through November 30, 2010) excluding any runs at the 2009 Agility Invitational and the 2010 National Agility Championship.

Friday, March 26, 2010

AKC Agility National Results!

Here are some results from the AKC National Agility Championship today that we gathered from the AKC:


1st - Paula Glick & Frazzle (Poodle)
2nd - Mike McCoy & Rusty (Papillion)
3rd - Barbara Scanlan & Taylor (Papillion)
4th - John Willmore & Remy (Dachshund)

1st - Angie Benaquisto & Duncan
2nd - Hedges & Allie
3rd - Rogers & Quill
4th - Sims & Reese

1st - Denise Kilpatrick & Tyler (Shetland Sheepdog)
2nd - Alicia Bismore & Lilly (Poodle)
3rd - Carla McAlister & Moose (Parson Russell Terrier)
4th - Theresa Moyers & Dooley (shetland Sheepdog)

1st - Daneen Fox & Masher (Papillion)
2nd - Dee Anna Gamel & Kelsi (Shetland Sheepdog)
3rd - Janice Taylor & Chip (Papillion)
4th Place - Dorothy Fujimura & Piper (Shetland Sheepdog)

1st - Paulena Renee Hope & Smart As (Border Collie)
2nd - Lauren Duckworth & Adrenalyn (Border Collie)
3rd - Robin Kletke & Vixen (Border Collie)
4th - John Reid & S More (Border Collie)

1st - Angie Benacquisto & Dylan
2nd - Swartzendruber & Rush
3rd - Anderson & Wilder
4th - Bicksler & Siesta

1st - Linda Mecklenburg & Stellar
2nd - Spyr & Rage
3rd - Kirmeier & Robbie
4th - Brown & Bam

1st - Jackie Bludworth & Pete (Border Collie)
2nd - Bonnie Henderson & Ghille (Whippet)
3rd - Joan Hagar/David Vesely & Rocky (Belgian Sheepdog)
4th - Tom Petroni (Handled by Kathy Petroni) & Friday (Flat Coated Retriever)

1st - Daisy Peel & Solar (Border Collie)
2nd - Silvinia Bruera & Maja (Border Collie)
3rd - Greg Leale/Tammy Langer & Derby (Border Collie)
4th - Terry Smorch & Presto (Border Collie)


1st - Barbara Scanlon & Taylor (Papillion)
2nd - John Willmore & Remy (Dachshund)
3rd -Nancy Lewis & Frazzle (Poodle)

1st - Sandra Rogers & Quill (Parson Russell Terrier)
2nd - Andrea Samuels & Sparkle (Papillon
3rd - Angie Benacquisto & Duncan (Toy Fox Terrier)
4th - Donna Brown & Morgan (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

1st - Melissa Henning & Savvy (Shetland Sheepdog)
2nd - Jim Payne & Shady (Shetland Sheepdog
3rd - Melissa Henning & Jayci (Shetland Sheepdog
4th - Suzanne Birdsall & Flip (Parson Russell Terrier)

1st - Marcy Mantell & Wave (Shetland Sheepdog)
2nd - Melanie Del Villaggio & Dara (Shetland Sheepdog)
3rd - Daneen Fox & Masher (Papillon)
4th - Jean Lavalley & Spec (Sheltland Sheepdog)

1st - Stella Stanzowski (handled by Denise Thomas) & Cressa (Border Collie
2nd - Rosanne Demascio & Kiba (Border Collie)
3rd - Terry Smorch & Remy (Border Collie)
4th - Kim Crenshaw (handled by Lauren Duckworth) & Adrenalyn (Border Collie)

1st - Meghan McCarthy & Nike (Shetland Sheepdog)
2nd - Diane Goodspeed & Demon (Shetland Sheepdog)
3rd - Maureen Waldron & Mickle (Sheltand Sheepdog)
4th - Kory Kaye & Sir Dagonet (Shetland Sheepdog)

1st - Amanda Shyne & Dilly (Border Collie)
2nd - Cynthia Hornor & Rowdy (Border Collie)
3rd - Janice DeMello & Slick (Border Collie)
4th - Lauren Mitchell & Toby (Border Collie)

1st - Jackie Bludworth & Pete (Border Collie
2nd - Diane Poole & Rookie (Golden Retriever)
3rd - Marlene Jurkovich & Tia (Poodle)
4th - Kimberly Kohls & Jersey (Weimaraner)

1st - Daisy Peel & Solar (Border Collie)
2nd - Jef Blake & Voucher (Border Collie)
3rd - Silvina Bruera & Maja (Border Collie)
4th - Linda Mecklenburg & Wonder (Border Collie)

Also here are the JWW Course and STD Course links.

State Team Final Results:

1st - California
2nd - Ohio
3rd - Texas
4th - Pennsylvania

See the rest here.

More results to be posted tomorrow! Oh and don't forget has live stream of the event, so you can sit back in your nice outdoor furniture and watch all the action!

Cool stuff we've seen so far!

Over the past few days when we've been out on our walks, we seen some pretty cool wildlife. Not unusual wildlife, but cool nonetheless.

This morning we saw a Blue Jay. Very common bird in most of the US. We didn't get a photo, but found this free one on the Internet. The one we saw in real life was sooooo blue!!! Very handsome.

We didn't know this, but learned from Wikipedia this morning that the Blue Jay can learn to mimic human speech and also copy the cries of local hawks so well that it is sometimes difficult to tell what type of bird it is is if you are just ID'ing from sound. Cool! Maybe I should try and meow like a cat, and see where that gets me, BOL!!

We've also seen a lot of hawks around here. You may remember that we had a hawk that frequented our yard back in Indiana - Harry the Hawk. That's a photo of Harry with his mouse prey in our former backyard.

Ironically, the Blue Jay is frequent prey of the Hawk. Wonder if that's why we're suddenly seeing both this week? Interesting....sure hope that Blue Jay doesn't have to look into funeral costs, BOL!

There aren't many geese or ducks that we've seen down here, except that one that landed in the pond last Friday during our hike. Kinda nice not to have to worry about Mum stepping in duck poo, or me trying to eat it on our walks, like we did back in Indiana.

The weather the past few days has been cold and rainy. Very stormy a couple of nights. Last night we lost power (guess that's something we're going to have to get used to). Mum was all prepared with flashlights, candles and matches. During the outage, we learned that our new gas stove works on electricity to ignite the burners, when Mum was trying to warm up something on the stove. But she thought she remembered from her past that you can skip the ignition part and light the burners with a match. Worked fine and we all had a nice dinner in the dark.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Flattered and honored!!!

Recently, our blog and our other site received some pretty cool kudos and honors!

Yesterday, Zazzle (an online marketplace) named our Johann The Dog and Raise A Green Dog Zazzle shop, one of their featured stores! If you haven't visited there yet, pull up your contemporary coffee tables, sit back and have a look, BOL! We have a few fun agility shirts and some pawsome Green Dog themed shirts and other gear.

My favorites are the "Agility Rocks" sweatshirt, and the "Lift a leg, fertilize a tree" shirt. Mum and I designed them with our own little paws. Thanks Zazzle for the promotion!

Also, this week Tails Inc. Magazine named Raise A Green Dog one of their Green Business Champions! Our friend from the Southside Animal Shelter, Robin Kennedy, nominated us. Thank you Robin and thank you Tails Inc.!

Also, our Twitter friend Yoda The Dog, was kind enough to give us a very cool award - the Sunshine Award! We met Yoda on Twitter, along with other super cool dog buds. Thank you Yoda, we are honored!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finding a vet and a temporary place to practice!

My kittie bro, Wiggy, got sick yesterday, was throwing up and had the Big 'D.' Oh, how I want to lick up that throw up, BOL!! But Mum says 'leave it!!! Yuck'!

Here's Wiggy! This is Mum's favorite pic of him, taken BD - before dogs :)

Anyway, Mum started looking quickly for a new vet for us down here in TN. You know how picky about vets she is..they have to do chiro, have the same philosophy about vaccines that we do, have a holistic approach, etc.

She spent the afternoon interviewing a few vets she found on the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association site. They have a a nice little search tool by state/country.

Later in the afternoon, we talked with who is going to be our new vet! She is currently practicing at UT in Knoxville, which is about 1.5 hours from our house. UT has an extensive veterinary facility, as well as a state of the art canine rehab facility. Very exciting. Our new vet focuses on integrative medicine, and Mum likes her a lot! She even said we could blog about her. Cools!

We were used to traveling about 45 minutes to our last vet. So Mum is OK with our new vet being a little further away, 'cause we are totally worth it. We also now have a back up emergency vet all lined up that's closer to home.

Luckily, Wiggy is feeling much better today and hasn't thrown up since mid yesterday. No Big 'D' either. He seems find now, although he could use a little anti aging face face creams, BOL, he isn't getting any younger (he's 10 now)! Guess he just got into something that didn't agree with him.

But it was great to find a new vet and get that task accomplished, since we are all due for our annual exams and will have to visit her soon. Oh, and I could really use a chiro adjustment!

In the process of looking for a vet, Mum found a place about 30 minutes from us that has drop in agility practice on Wednesday nights. They have rubber mat flooring (which isn't my fav, since I slip a lot on it) but it will definitely do for a tune up until we get our equipment and ring set up. Also another chiro visits this place every two weeks, so I could get a chiro tune up too!

Slowly, but surely we are getting settled in and finding everything we need. This past weekend, Mum started scoping out trial ops. Most trials are about 1.5 to two hours away from us. A trade off to live in doggie heaven hiking area, but very worth it. She's thinking if all goes right, we can sign up for a trial in about a month, so I can finish up my MACH and ADCH (I'm oh so close!). And then hopefully qualify for nationals next year, and then, and then :)

One more note....we've been using a Sprint broadband card for our Internet. But we are still holding out hope that Charter Communications can get us hooked up with both TV and Internet here in the next couple of days. We miss TV!!! This has all been a big headache for Mum. The broadband just isn't as fast as I am, and it's frustrating her. Yesterday some utility guys were out here marking lines for digging, so Charter won't cut into our electric or gas. Mum says that's a really good sign!!! Paws crossed!

Hope you all are having a good week!

Our first official hike!

Last Friday, it was 75 degrees and sunny in the afternoon. Mum had gotten a lot of work done throughout the week, while it was cloudy, rainy and cooler, and she was feeling better from that little sinus infection (which I thought she got over very quickly, good girl!). So Friday, we grabbed the opportunity to get in our first official hike on the property!

We started down the lane to our mailbox. It's about a mile there and a mile back, so makes for a nice little path walk.

After we got the mail and dropped it back off at the house, we started out on our hike down the path to the pasture (without horses) and the woods path beyond. On the way is a little creek we soaked our paws in to cool off a little.

We stopped a bit to take in the scenery. Here is the pasture (without horses). This is the one Mum thinks would be a good place for our agility field.

We walked a bit, and heard lots of frogs croaking. As we got closer they stopped of course. They were at the first pond we found on the property. A smaller one created to absorb some of the run off from the mountain above.

Here's another one of the ponds we found. This one is larger. We saw a duck land, just as we walked up. Love how they ski to a stop when they land on the water :)

Between this second pond and the third pond coming up, we found some tracks, from a deer and one of the vehicles that are used to maintain this area of the property. Mum and I need to bone up on we can identify more!

Then we came up on the third pond we found on the property. This one is nestled in a very wooded area. It looks a lot deeper than the others. This one also has some algae in it, so Mum didn't let us go in. You know what they say about blue-green algae in ponds, right? Bad stuff.

Then we headed up the ridge. Kind of a steep walk up to this ridge. Worked Mum's bum, BOL!!!

There are so many smells out here I just can't tell ya!!! This spot was particular interesting to both me and Gracie. We swear some of these logs need a skin id to see if they have a disease or something, BOL!!!

Then we got to flat land again, and walked through the pasture to the other side, where there is another ridge we want to explore another time. But we were out for about two hours, and Mum didn't want to wear herself out too much. Gracie and I could have gone on furever!

Remember I told you about how Mum is letting me free to drag my leash when we get into some of the most familiar places nearer our cabin. Here I am leading Mum up our lane from the other direction, back to our cabin.

Mum was pleased...she finally wore us out a little :) It's been tough keeping us busy, active and tired since we don't have a fence yet.

Just give us more days like this Mum and we'll be happy!!!

Mum surprised us!

A couple of days after we arrived in TN and got a little settled in, Mum surprised all us with new stuff!

Mum gave me and Gracie new Deer Antlers. She was sneaky, she saved them back just so we could enjoy them once we felt a little more comfy in our new surroundings. She also went out into the woods and got a nice cleaned up log (not one with that weird nodular acne all over it, BOL!). But one that was free of pests for the kitties to scratch. They are loving that!

Here I am enjoying my deer on the floor in front of the couch. You know how when you move into a new place you move the furniture around a lot until it feels just...right? She's doing that, BOL!!!!

And here's Gracie, enjoying her deer antler on our couch, all covered up to keep the dirt at bay, of course! There's a lot more dirt here since we've been doing all this walking and hiking in the woods. But Mum doesn't care, it's good dirt if it's from outside, right?

Thanks Mum for saving such a nice welcome treat for us, we love our deer antlers!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On one of our quick walks....scoping out a place for agility!

About three to four times a day we take a quick walk, to potty and stretch our legs.

First we head down the lane...

Passing the horse pasture (with the horses :). Lots of good smells around here...

Then we usually walk around the open barn (with lots of maintenance equipment in it, and a stray friendly cat too :) and head toward the pastures (without horses).

We walk through the first pasture, and then cross the little bridge over the creek into the second pasture.

Here's the second pasture, the largest of all of them. This is where Mum thinks our agility field would be a great place to set up.

The area Mum is thinking of is just to the right of me in this photo (below). It's not wet like the 1st pasture and has some really nice flat areas, near some trees (with that weird adult acne all over the trunk, BOL), that would work well for shade. Good grass growing there too. And it's not too far from the cabin, where we could still have a potty and small workout area.

Oh the possibilities!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Around the dog agility blog-o-sphere!

It's time for another edition of Around the Dog Agility Blog-o-Sphere!

The website for the 2010 European Open 2010 to be held in Liberec, Czech Republic, July 24 & 25, 2010 is live! More info on the US team selection coming soon! We'll keep you posted.

There's a new blog (as of January 2010) detailing news about all kinds of dog sports in Europe. You can search by sport subject, including agility!

If you are a USDAA website sure and check out the subscriber news page, login required. You can see my (and Mum's :) article 'Is Your Dog Bowl Safe?', reprinted from our Raise A Green Dog blog. All kinds of info about all types of bowls and help in finding the safest and healthiest for your dog. You can also read our article on 'Tools for Keeping Your Dog in Shape or Rehabbing from Injury.' Thanks to Brenna Fender and the USDAA for helping us share this important info and contributing some of our key blog posts with the USDAA community!

AKC Nationals

The 2010 AKC National Agility Championships will be held next weekend - March 26-28, 2010 - at the Ford Truck Arena and Mustang Arena at Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The judges for the event are: Dan Butcher, OR; Dan Dege, MN; Tammy Domico, CA; Sheila Kaufman, CO; Jane Mohr, TN; and Scott Stock, PA.

Here are important links:

Running Order
Running Order - ISTT
Judging and Ring Schedule

Friday is the International State Team Tournament for heights 4 8 12 16 20 24, 14 18 & 26. Saturday and Sunday is the National Agility Championship for heights 8 12 16 20 24 26 and the preferred National Agility Championship for heights 4 8 12 16 20.

Competition changes for this year include:
  • All dogs must compete in their measured jump height class or in the 26” jump height class.
  • A minimum of 6 dogs will advance in each jump height class to the Finals round regardless of how many dogs were competing at the jump height.
  • The National Agility Championship Titles will only be awarded to final round winners with a score of 100.
  • There will be a 4” jump height class during Friday’s International State Team Tournament competition.
Preferred agility classes are eligible to compete in the AKC National Agility Championship this year. The Preferred and Regular class dogs will compete for separate awards.

Qualification period for the event was December 1, 2008 through and including November 30, 2009. Regular class requires at least 6 Double Q's & 400 MACH points from the Regular Excellent B Standard & Jumpers With Weaves class during the qualifying period. Preferred Class Qualifications include at least 6 Double Q's from the Preferred Excellent B Standard & Jumpers With Weaves class during the qualifying period. For dogs to compete in the Preferred Class at the 2010 AKC National Agility Championship they must only compete in the Preferred classes from March 1, 2009 through November 30, 2009. will be showing the AKC Nationals livestream for the Final and Challenger Rounds this year. There are three packages available: DVD, VOD, + Live for $39.99; VOD + Live for $29.99; and Live only for $14.99. Don't miss out on the action, go to their website to purchase one of the packages.


The USDAA Spring Festival of Dog Agility simulcast events, where competitors in the Mid-Atlantic Showcase hosted in Fredricksburg, Virginia compete against competitors in the South Central US hosted in San Antonio, Texas at the Rose Palace, will be held on April 2-4.

The trials both offer full titling and tournaments over three days, with a special Showcase class offering Spring Festival trophies provided by USDAA and other prizes from the host clubs.

The Showcase will be simulcast on free of charge. Stay tuned for more info.

The first official use of electronic scoring for titling classes in USDAA events was the first weekend in March. Tim Verrelli's Agility Trial Secretary software became the first officially Authorized Software for use in USDAA scorekeeping. Read more from the USDAA website.


Sadly with our move, we totally missed watching Crufts agility competition, March 10-12. At least now that we're in doggie heaven, we won't have to look for Branson vacation packages, BOL! We've got all the fun we need right in our backyard.

Here is some info from the action at Crufts!

Here are all the agility results from the event.

Here's the winner of the freestyle competition, cute!!!

Winner of the Large Dog Agility - Mark and Kodi
Winner of the Medium Dog Agility - Toni & Minx

If you'd like to see more videos of Crufts, visit their YouTube channel; or visit this YouTube page (presearched for Crufts Agility 2010).

Other Stuff

We hear that my be showing the World Team Tryouts live stream May, 8 & 9, 2010 for entry into the the FCI Agility World Championships, October 1-3, 2010 in Reiden, Germany. Stay tuned for more info.

AgilityVision also has a Dog Agility iLog available through iTunes for $17.99. It's an electronic record book to conveniently track your agility trial results right on your iPhone. It fully supports the following venues: AKC, USDAA, AAC, CKC, UKKC, UKA, UKI, FCI, ADAA, ANKC, NADAC, CPE, ASCA, DOCNA, UKC, TDAA. The Agility iLog tracks event date, dog, club, location, Q, placement, time, score/faults, SCT, course yardage, Yard or Meters Per Second (YPS), MACH points, venue, division, level, class, jump height, surface, judge, pairs partner, and notes. It also automatically calculates your Yards or Meters per Second and MACH Points for AKC agility.

Here's a nice little article about using clicker training in agility, from Karen Pryor's site It features a Q&A with Swedish trainers and competitors Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh who have been teaching and competing in canine agility since the early 90’s, using reinforcement technology. They have a new book out 'Agility Right from the Start.'

The AKC is having an early bird special if you are looking to enroll in their Canine Partners Program. Apply online by April 30th, and pay only $25 (regularly $35). Your dog will be eligible to compete in AKC Rally, Agility and Obedience trials accepting mixed-breed entries, starting April 1, 2010.

In addition, you’ll receive these special AKC benefits valued up to $75 – all for $25 if you enroll online by April 30th. Other benefits include:

* Complimentary 60-Day Trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan*
* Lifetime enrollment in AKC CAR Lost & Found Recovery Service
* One-year subscription to AKC Family Dog magazine
* AKC Canine Partners Official Decree of Dog Fun
* AKC Canine Partners Decal
* Eligibility to participate in AKC Agility, Obedience and AKC Rally® Events
* AKC CAR collar tag with AKC Canine Partners Listing Number

That's it for now!!!

Our first official photo from Tennessee!

We're finally getting settled into a little routine here in TN. Since we don't have a fence yet, Mum walks us about five times a day for about two miles each time - sometimes just down the lane, sometimes to the mail box to get or leave mail, sometimes a little hike through the pasture that doesn't have any horses (and their poo :). Good thing about that is with the move, a little sinus infection and all this walking/hiking, Mum's lost about 8 lbs so far. No way she needs a fat loss supplement, BOL!!!

We're getting used to the route, and are feeling a little more comfortable about our wide open spaces near the cabin. Even Gracie doesn't get as buggy eyed as she did we we first started walking around the property.

Mum still doesn't want us off leash yet, especially Gracie the crazy pup. But she has been letting me wander a little dragging my leash when we get in the real familiar territory closer to the cabin. Gracie may want to run after every moving critter that makes the tiniest noise, but one nice thing I can say is she has a pawsome stay.

So Mum took a chance, put us in a sit stay and got this photo of us sitting on top of a ridge near the cabin. See all that pasture and woods behind us? That's our new hiking territory!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our move to Tennessee - Part 2

After crossing the Tennessee River, we were very near our new home. We drove back roads for what seemed like forever (but Mum says it really wasn't, we were just excited!).

This road is on the way to our lane.

Here we are getting closer to our lane.'s our lane!

We finally got to our new home at about 4:30. Mum had hired some extra guys to help unload the truck because my Uncle's brother in-law had to be at work the next day and they needed to drive back that night.

They had the truck unloaded in just a couple of hours. The guys stayed and put together our bed and our big desk, helped Mum rearrange things a little. And store some items upstairs in our loft.

The cabin is pretty small compared to what we are used to, but we plan to spend lots more time outdoors than in when we can! The cabin is on 8 acres of open land with some pasture, and surrounded by 100 acres for hiking. Hmmm...wonder if Mum should look into updated and current life insurance rates, BOL!!!

Oh and one of the best parts is we found out there have been trails carved out so there will be lots to explore.

Here's a view from our back porch....

And here's a view from our front porch! Yep, those are horses in the pasture...rescued horses that now have a new home, just like us!

We've spent a lot of time the last few days getting things inside the cabin organized. Mum, Gracie and I have walked around a lot, since we don't have a fenced area yet. We explored the open areas and have a nice place picked out for the agility field.

There are other cabins on the property too, which is nice, so we don't have to be out here all alone. And we met our neighbors, they are super great!

One of our neighbors is Roxie! She has full run of the land and is really nice. We got to play with Roxie in the dog run that's on the property the other day. It's really cool, and has a real, authentic log cabin as a play house, can you believe that!

Here are a couple of pix of us in the dog run.

Here's the little log cabin doggie door, BOL!!!

We think there are treats in there!

And here we are meeting Roxie! Gracie and I both are crazy about her!

Well that's it for now. Mum's gotta concentrate on work for the next day or so...and the weather has turned a bit cold. But we'll have lots and lots more to share!

We made it! Our move to Tennessee - Part 1

Well, we made it, safe and sound to Tennessee and our new home!

It was busy, hectic, tiring, and a little stressful. But the good news is, we have Internet (for now anyway:) and we're slowly but surely settling in.

Saturday morning we all woke up, and the packers arrived to pack all our stuff. Then Mum and our nice neighbor bagged up all the stuff that we wanted to donate to a charity, so they could pick up that stuff up in the afternoon. After that the packers loaded up the truck with all our stuff.

Since our stuff was packed up, Mum, Gracie, Wolfie and Wiggy and I camped out on our living room floor, Saturday night. Mum slept with all of us all tucked up on doggie beds (clean ones of course :). It was so much fun to have a camp out in our own living room!

Then we woke up early Sunday morning and gathered up the last few items to take with us. My uncle and his brother in-law (who likes an electric cigarette, BTW :) arrived and then we headed out. They drove the truck and Mum, Wolfie, Wiggy, Gracie and I followed them in the Land Rover.

We saw a lot of this on the way, that's our Buget truck with all our stuff. Hey, wonder if my deer antlers are in there?

It wasn't but a couple of hours and we were in Ohio.

Not too long after that we crossed the Ohio River and then we were into...

Kentucky, where we saw a lot of horse farms and dormant bluegrass.

And we saw a lot of cool rock formations where they had cut through for the highway.

A couple of hours later and we were into Tennessee already!

We crossed the Tennessee River and then we were only about an hour away!

We drove for a total of about 7.5 hours, stopped once for gas and potty break and a little lunch for Mum and the other humans. It was tiring, but fun too! Mum was very proud of all of us...not even much of a peep from Wiggy, who usually meows the entire way to the vets office. Hmm.....wonder if he knew this wasn't a vet trip, BOL!!!

More to come! Stay tuned for pics of our new place!
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